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Coach Representative:  Katherine Anglin

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All coaches must have current certifications at all times in order to work in any coaching capacity. Presentation of current coach card will be required at all Midwestern Meets.

Requirements for Coach Member:
    Coach Requirements
   How to Access STSC Online Course
   STSC Skills Sheet - Updated 04/01/2021
   First Aid
   Coach Safety Training
   Current Background Check (Level II)
   Athlete Protection Training
   Foundations of Coaching 101 Test (for 1st year coach)

   Foundations of Coaching 201 Test (for 2nd year coach renewal)

Courses can be taken from the following organizations:
Nebraska Chapter - American Red Cross

Nebraska Safety Council

Acceptable safety certification courses for fulfillment of these requirements can be found on the USA Swimming website. Safety Training for Swim Coaches Test may be used to supplement a Lifeguard card (in lieu of a specific Coach Safety Training course). Links to Background Check  are on the USA Swimming website. Links to the Athlete Protection Training course and the Foundations of Coaching Tests are also on the USA Swimming website.


Job Offerings

Swim Omaha Swim Coach Position 

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Primary Responsibilities:

·      Plans and implements age-appropriate practices based on Swim Omaha values and development standards.

·      Guides children through the program by building achievement and fostering relationships.

·      Cultivates positive relationships and maintains effective communication with swimmers, parents and other coaching staff. 

·      Attend staff meetings and host parents meetings.



·      Prior swim coaching and competitive swimming experience is preferred. 

·      Organize and direct swim practices for all levels and abilities.

·      Valid driver’s License and Background Check required. 

·      USA Swimming coaching credentials can be updated upon hire. 

·      Ability to work with and supervise age group swimmers

·      Demonstrated leadership, dependability and flexibility in work hours. Including weekends.