Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
At the Parents meeting held at the North Park on July 16, 2009 a concern was voiced regarding the publishing of our minutes on this website and potential use of   children's names, etc.  After discussion by the board members present, it was decided that minutes would no longer be posted on this website, but meeting agenda for the year will be posted.  We are not required to post meeting minutes and have only done so as a courtesy.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Chamberlain Swim Team Meeting Agenda
*Note that this is a general guideline and the board is not bound by each topic listed


  • Coaching Staff – Advertise if needed in February

  • Review Job Descriptions – make changes as needed

  • Employment Contract

          1-Head Coach, 1- Assistant Coach (or Co-Head Coaches?)

          Junior Coaches?#

  • Officials Training

  • Fundraisers


  • Discuss Coach Certification – CPR, Coaching Exam, Life guarding, 1st Aid, etc…

  • Arrange for instruction

  • Fundraisers


  • Reiew Mission Statement

  • Fund Raisers

  • Check amount of ribbons for swim meet – order from Shields Emb if needed

  • Order DQ slips for swim meet if needed – online USA Swimming

  • Pay Post Office Box Rent


  • Swim Camp

  • Set Registration Date for Late April or Early May

  • Fundraisers

  • Look at T-shirt designs

  • Advertising for Swim Team Sign-up ,Newspapers, Flyers

  • Talk to students – announce to older kids, Flyers to elementary kids, junior high & high school.

  • Final Review and Approve Rules & Regs, Registration and sign up forms before printing

  • LSC Meeting

  • Contact re: Meet Referee

  • Check on pool with City – regarding practice times and meet

  • Sanction for Swim Meet

  • Line up – Meet Director, Marshall, Starter, Stroke & Turn Officials

  • Coaches – expectations, policies, etc…


  • Fundraisers

  • McDonalds coupons for heat winners & Coffee, Juice…for meet

  • Programs for meet

  • Contact City of Chamberlain for funds

  • Swim Meet

  • Dakota Indian Foundation Application


  • Team Pictures / Individual Pictures

  • Check out stop watches and misc for meet

  • Swim Meet

  • Fundraisers


  • Awards night preparation

  • Pizzas

  • Trophies & Awards

  • SDQ Meet

  • Summer Teams Champs Meet

  • Fundraisers


  • New Board Members Elected
  • Summer Teams Championships, Awards Night
  • Fundraisers


  • Review
    and Revise Rules and Regulations if needed, and other forms
  • CST Bylaws
  • Fundraisers


  • Role of Board Members – revise responsibilities
  • Fundraisers


  • Do not meet unless necessary


  • Do not meet unless necessary