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OMNI Swim Club Coaches

Our coaches are "home grown", having swum for OMNI in the past and thus sharing OMNI's unique perspective on swimming and its place in the life of young swimmers. OMNI coaches are dedicated to the following:

Well-Rounded Individuals: We will honor and encourage a broad spectrum of development in our swimmers. We will support participation and excellence in school, music, academic extra-curricular groups and activities, religious endeavors, other athletic pursuits, and family commitments.

Healthy Bodies / Healthy Adults: We will lead by example as we strive to educate our swimmers and their families on adequate nutrition, maintaining an active lifestyle, time management skills, and healthy sleep habits. We will build a social network around healthy living by providing valuable educational opportunities both to our current swimmers and to their high school teammates. We realize that by educating the communities in which our swimmers live we can better promote success.

Injury Prevention: The purpose of swimming is to add to the health of our bodies and minds. With this in mind, we are committed to providing ongoing education, technique training and individual modification, and developmentally-appropriate strength training for the purpose of preventing injury. For those coming to us with injuries due to high training intensities coupled with muscle imbalances and/or stroke technique that compromises joint health, we strive to identify and address the underlying causes of their pain while empowering our swimmers to take appropriate steps to regain their health. We are happy to coordinate our efforts with recommendations provided by certified athletic trainers or physical therapists who may be treating our swimmers.

Lifelong swimmers: Our purpose is to share our passion for swimming and fitness with our swimmers and their families. We are committed to promoting personal dedication and will guide our swimmers to be independently driven as we help them form their personal framework for success. We want our swimmers to feel safe, accepted, and supported as they utilize swimming as a means for focus and growth.

Competitive Drive: Along with personal dedication comes an intrinsic desire to succeed. We will feed this desire with training intensity that is aligned with local high schools and colleges. We will develop swimmers skilled in goal-setting, mindfulness in training and competition, as well as the mental toughness and grit that is needed both in an out of the pool. We will promote sportsmanship and positive attitudes as each swimmer learns their value in building a healthy team atmosphere.


Coach Bios

Lindsey Hulit Harrigan

Competitive swimming experience and specialty events:

I began competing at the age of 7 for the Northeast YMCA Mariners. When OMNI began in 1997, I became an Otter along with many of my Mariner-friends and had the very special experience of spending the rest of my swimming career swimming for my dad. I continued competing within USA Swimming until I was 24. During this time, I also spent 6 years sporting the blue and silver of a Tartan Titan before becoming a proud Ole at St. Olaf College – Um Ya Ya! I was blessed to have coaches who developed me into a versatile swimmer with the ability to compete in all strokes and events, with specialties in breaststroke and IM.

Special coaching areas of interest:

As the first head coach of this team, my dad dedicated 20 years of his life to developing well-rounded swimmers, both in and out of the pool. He consistently taught skills for time management and encouraged participation in a broad array of activities, regardless of what this meant for frequency of training in the pool. As we moved through life it became apparent that the value of being a competitive swimmer at OMNI went far beyond being a fast swimmer or a smart competitor. We developed lasting friendships and an immediate and ongoing support network, developed leadership skills -- both the awareness and ability to lead by example and the ability to verbally guide others to success, gained the confidence to push ourselves to be leaders within our school in class as well as in extra-curricular activities and organizations, and learned to be efficient and organized with our time. Each of these skills was developed by compassionate and dedicated coaches who provided individualized attention and guidance to each of us.

Between spending 10+ years in the pool as an Otter and coaching alongside my dad since 2001, these values became engrained in me. As I developed my own career as a physical therapist I became firmly committed to injury prevention and safe cross-training practices, focusing myself on ways to increase our training effectiveness as a team without creating overuse injuries and burnout in a society where both have become the norm in youth sports.  It is my goal to guide both my swimmers AND their families in building healthy lifestyles with nutritional guidance and activity recommendations to build a stronger, healthier family network.  


My husband and I each coach youth athletes and understand that our life choices become a model for countless children and families each year. We spend our free time training and fundraising with Team Challenge, a half-marathon training program through the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, in addition to biking, swimming, and strength training. We are committed to teaching our daughter the joy of an active family lifestyle and to raising her in a home with a diverse and nutritious daily menu. We mill our own wheat, bake our own bread, have a pantry full of food we’ve canned and a freezer full of food we’ve made from scratch all to keep our bodies and minds strong with our very busy lifestyle. 


Somorae Anderson

Competitive swimming experience and specialty events:
I started swimming right after my 9th birthday for the Northeast YMCA Mariners, which is where I met and became friends with Lindsey. When OMNI began in 1997, I became an Otter along with many other Mariners looking to start a new level of competition. I went to Tartan and swam for all 4 years of high school, finishing my senior year as a captain (along with Lindsey) and team MVP.  Although I took breaks occasionally due to playing other sports, I swam for OMNI until I graduated in 2002. I have had the honor and privilege to swim with Lindsey my entire childhood. The first time we were not on the same team is when we left for college; her to St. Olaf, and me to UW-River Falls. I only got to compete in College for 1 season due to a career ending knee injury. I was a Butterfly and Backstroke specialist pretty much my whole life and continue to swim to stay in shape.

Special coaching areas of interest:

I began coaching OMNI almost 10 years ago and truly enjoy watching my swimmers grow and develop in personality, strength, and ability. I pride myself on being the best positive role model I can be and lead with encouragement rather than adding mental stress. I want all of our swimmers to have the confidence to try new events, techniques, and continue to challenge themselves. I do this through stoke development and demonstrations…I even will get in the water myself if needed! It doesn’t matter if you are the first to finish or the last one in the water, I focus on making sure the strokes are done with great technique and sound movement.


I still play softball competitively, and swim and lift weights to stay in shape. My husband, kids, and I also love being outside and living lake life: fishing, kayaking, tubing, floating…you name it, we do it! I also enjoy movies and I don’t watch regular TV…just movies. I would rather be outside. smiley


Colette Henke (Coach Colette)

Competitive swimming experience and specialty events:

As a swimmer, my competitive career didn’t start until I got to high school.  I had grown up swimming in pools and lakes and taking swimming lessons but participated in other sports competitively up until high school, when I had to give up high-impact sports due to an injury and decided to try swimming!  Throughout my four years in high school, I swam for Hill-Murray high school as a Pioneer and as a member of the SEMS Sharks and OMNI Otters teams.  My specialty events are the breaststroke, butterfly, and long-distance freestyle. 

Special coaching areas of interest:

As a coach, my areas of interest include developing swimmers into well-rounded individuals and educating swimmers on being healthy in all areas of life.  As a student-athlete, the time management and team building skills I learned in competitive swimming have taught me the importance of being involved in different aspects of school activities, work, and sports.  Those time management and team building skills have helped me long after my career as a competitive swimmer ended. Currently, I am a full-time graduate student and nurse in addition to coaching, where these skills are essential. I look forward to instilling these skills and values in my swimmers throughout the season.


In my free time, I enjoy going on hikes in the Lake Elmo Regional park with my dog Beau.  My hobbies include cooking and having a game night with my family. I am a movie fanatic and love to go to the theatre as often as I can to catch new movies of any kind! I value exercising on a consistent basis and am passionate about running. I enjoy running 5ks, 10ks, half-marathons and full marathons. My favorite race has been the Honolulu Marathon!


Andrea Kittleson

Competitive Swimming Experience and Specialty Events:

My competitive swimming career began in 9th grade when I joined the Mahtomedi Girls Swim & Dive team. I had always loved swimming but discovered the magic of the sport and competition throughout my high school career at Mahtomedi and with OMNI on the off-season.  I started out as a breast-stroker and a sprinter, but by the end of my swimming career my coaches and I had long since discovered that I was much better suited for longer distance events. As a Concordia College Cobber (Yes, the school with the corn mascot), I swam the 1650 free, the 500 free and the 400 IM. Needless to say, I developed a lot of physical and mental toughness due to swimming!

Special Coaching Areas of Interest:

As a coach I am all about teamwork, sportsmanship and having fun! The life skills learned in swimming translate to success in many different areas of life. Being part of a team is one of the best ways to make friends and to learn how to support others as a part of a team. I encourage swimmers to be positive, support each other and allow themselves to be silly sometimes.

I love being a part of OMNI because we are a family.  Swimmers meet amazing friends and gain a wonderful support system in the process. We encourage swimmers to do their best in the water, and to develop and nurture interests out of the water. There is so much to learn from having a well-balanced life that includes swimming with OMNI!


I like to think of myself as a globetrotter. I have traveled to many places around the world, and of course always have more on my list. I spent four months living in Spain and one year living in Mexico, and have also traveled to places like Rwanda, Peru and Italy. People also know me as the crazy cat lady—I adore cats and wish I could adopt them all. When I’m not traveling or cuddling with my cats, you can find me doing just about any water sport (swimming of course, water skiing, wakeboarding, stand up paddleboarding, etc.) or doing craft projects.


Toni Wengronowitz

Competitive swimming experience and specialty events:

I began competing in 7th grade, age 12, for the Tartan High School Swim team.  I started with OMNI after that swim season and continued with competitive swimming until graduating high school in 2006.  I was always a sprint swimmer and enjoyed doing the 200 IM, 50 free, and 100 backstroke.

Special coaching areas of interest:

I have a strong passion for making sure our swimmers are well rounded and making sure each athlete gets to have individual attention and focus throughout each practice and meet.  I also really love to encourage all of our swimmers to be there to cheer on fellow teammates not only in their races, but throughout each practice, especially those really difficult days.

I also have a large interest in strength training and making sure that we are building muscles to not only make us faster and stronger, but to make sure that our bodies are operating to the best ability that they can.


My biggest hobby or interest currently is going to Michigan to visit my boyfriend (we’ve been together 3 years) while he is finishing his college degree.  We really enjoy trying new recipes and foods together as well as weight lifting and doing different types of physical activity.