Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Where can I find news and updates about Maverick Aquatics, the Western Slope League (which Maverick Aquatics is part of), and Colorado Swimming (which Maverick Aquatics and Western Slope League are part of) and USA Swimming?

Maverick Aquatics –

Western Slope League –

Colorado Swimming –

USA Swimming –

All websites will provide everything from local information to national news regarding swimming.  For the most local information, seek information from the team website.  Each website gets broader with the amount of information they can provide.  They are a great resource of information.

2.  When are my monthly fees due?

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues for all groups are due the 15th of each month. Swimmers receive the month of August free (August 15th-Sept 15th). This free month is to compensate for our four scheduled swim breaks throughout the year.  The breaks are as follows:

1 week Spring Break-March

1 week Christmas/Holiday Break-December

2 weeks in August (Usually first two weeks. However, to be determined yearly by Head Coach) 


3.  What group should my swimmer be in? 

The coaches will evaluate each new swimmer and place them in the appropriate group for their skill level and age.  You can find more information regarding each group criteria by clicking on the “Groups” tab on the Maverick Aquatics website.

4.  How many times a week should my child be swimming?

How many times a week a swimmer should be swimming is based on their group, ability, age, etc.  Refer to the “Groups” tab on the Maverick Aquatics website for explanation.

5.  How do I sign up for swim meets?

Log on to  Sign in using your email address and personal password.  Click on events and then click on “Attend this Event”.  Next, click on the swimmer’s name and declare “yes” to indicate you want to attend this event.  Next, choose the events the swimmer wishes to compete in.  If you would like for the coaches to choose the swimmer’s events, please note that in the comment box. 

6.  Where can I find information regarding upcoming swim meets? 

Go to and click on the “Events” tab.  This will take you to the upcoming swim meets.  Click on the event of your choice and there will be a document with information specific to that event. 

7.  I have never been to a swim meet before.  What should I bring?

  • Water/Drinks
  • Warm clothes
  • At least two towels
  • Camping Chairs
  • Sharpie for writing events on arm
  •  Things to do in between events – books, games, etc.

8.  Can you explain what happens at the swim meet?

Before the Meet Starts:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before the schedule warm-up time.
  • Check in with the coach to let them know you have arrived.
  • Warm up with the team.
  • Highlight heat sheets for swimming events.
  • Write events with a Sharpie on the swimmer.

During the Meet:

  • Check in with the coach before each event.
  • Swim each race.
  • Check in with coach after event.  Dress warmly between each event.

9.  Where do I get the heat sheets?

Some teams will have them for sale at the meet.  Many of the Western Slope League meets will post them on  Maverick Aquatics will post them on our website when available to do so.  You can find them by clicking on the event and looking at the information provided there. 

10.  Where can I find a record of my swimmer’s times? 

On the Maverick site,, after you sign in, there is a link on the left that says “My Meet Results”.  Click on that link to get times from all the meets the swimmer has participated in.

Another way to access times is by going to a link on the USA Swim site:

11.  What are time standards?

There are specific time standards that swimmers must achieve in order to compete in some meets.  The time standards are posted on the Maverick Website, and can also be found at  The faster the times, the more advanced the meets are.

12.  We are new to the sport of swimming?  Does Maverick Aquatics offer any help to new families?

Yes!  We have started a new family mentor program.  The team will pair new families with veteran families for their first few meets.  They will provide support, information, and a patient ear to help answer all of your questions and introduce you to the swim meet forum. 

13.  Will I be expected to do any volunteer hours?

Yes!  Maverick Aquatics will host several meets a year that are big fundraisers for our team.  It takes every member of our team to operate and provide a quality meet for our visiting teams.  Please plan to volunteer for at least two sessions, if not more, on the weekends we host meets.

14.  What kind of swim suit should my swimmer wear?

For practices one piece swimsuits are best for girls; jammers or surf shorts for boys. Practice suits can be purchased anywhere, and we find good deals through

Maverick Aquatics has team race suits available through MI Sports.   When you go to that we site, you will then click on "Team Store" and then select our club team.  The password is "maverick" to enter that site.  They have a wide variety of swim apparel and equipment.