Family Job Requirements

Welcome to the Stingray Family.  If you are an experienced swim team parent, then you already know how important the jobs are. If you are a new swim family it will quickly become apparent that it takes a village to run a swim meet. There are no "paid" timers, shepherds, etc. 
A swim meet is a remarkable accomplishment, done by the parents, for our kids, to showcase how hard they work every day for months. It's important that we all take our jobs seriously and always keep in mind that without us, the meet doesn't happen. 

The following responsibilities and policies have been developed to allow the swim program to run with the least amount of confusion, to encourage enthusiasm, and above all, to provide fun for our Stingray Community.  It takes approximately 65 parents to run a home meet and 40 to run an away meet.  Typically, there are two meets per week during the swim season (Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings).  

In an effort to distribute the work equitably, each family will be responsible for completing 5-7 meet jobs.  We encourage you to sign up for your jobs when you register your swimmer(s).  If you have not selected your jobs by May 1, 2016, our Jobs Committee will will do it for you. Job Descriptions

Families who have only 15-18 year old swimmers, and no younger siblings, are not required to work meet jobs. Of course, if you would like, please feel free to select from the list and commit to work a job or two this season!

All registering families are also required to complete one Spirit/Social Job and one League Meet Job. Spirit and Social jobs are offered at events throughout the season.

If your swimmer is participating in invitational meets, additional work commitments will be required to help fulfill our team requirements. This season, the Stingrays will be attending the following invitationals:

Battle of the Ages (All swimmers)

Devil Mountain Pentathlon (All Swimmers)

Woodlands Invitational (By Coach's Invite)

Scottsdale Invitational (All Swimmers)

Contra Costa County Meet (Qualifying Meet)


You will receive your specific job assignment for the VSA League Championship Meet when the team is notified of their job responsibilities.



If you are unable to fulfill your job requirement for a particular meet (even due to illness), it is your responsibility to find a replacement worker. We count on the timeliness of every volunteer to run a successful swim meet. When families don’t follow through on  job commitments, someone else ends up taking on more than their share of the load. We know all swim team members and families believe in establishing a fair method of cooperation. 

Fines for late or missed work/activity assignments are as follows:

           $20.00 if you check in more than 15 minutes after your scheduled arrival time.

           $75.00 if you miss your assigned meet, spirit or social job.

You will be given one week to pay your fee. At that point, your swimmer will not be able to compete in scheduled swim meets until the fine has been paid.