Does Beckett Ridge have an 'Orientation Guide' for new families?
Yes we do! /rectrbrb/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/brcc-new-parent-guide-2019_013573.doc

What are the Beckett Ridge Swim Team Policies?
Here are the swim team policies

What are the commonly used swimming terms?
Here's a glossary of swimming terms

How do we get to away meets?
Directions to the pools of all Tri-County Swim League member teams are listed on the Barracuda web site. We normally have a caravan from Beckett Ridge to the away meets.

How do I know what events my children are swimming?
We will send a preliminary entry to you by e-mail on Monday. A final list of events will be posted at the pool the evening of the meet.

How many events can my children swim in a meet?
League rules state that the maximum swims are 3 individual and 2 relays. Invitational meets allow for more swims (Rolling Hills Invitational 4 individual & 2 relays, Chris McCullough Invitational 5 individual & 2 relays).

Will my children swim the maximum number of events in each meet?
We encourage all swimmers to swim the maximum number of events at the Invitational meets. For dual meets it is a little more complicated. Several pools have 8 lanes, and we can enter 4 swimmers per team per event. Other pools have 6 lanes, and 3 swimmers can be entered in each event. The number of children in each age group also has an effect on the number of swims. We typically have many more girls than boys so it will be mostly the girls who will feel "the crunch". We use a lottery system to insure that all swimmers get the most swims as possible during the season. This may mean that your swimmer may only swim one individual event in some meets.

Do we have personal timesheet to keep track of kid's timings at the various meets?
Here's one that you can use

What are exhibition swims?
New and less experienced swimmers will be placed in exhibition heats. When their times improve and they achieve a higher skill level, they will be placed in the regular, or scoring heats. Experienced swimmers may also swim in exhibition heats when space is available and when their name is drawn by means of a lottery system. League rules specify that only 10 exhibition heats are allowed. Your swimmer will get additional swims if they are in an exhibition heat. Exhibition swims do not count for points but the times count for the championship meet. All swimmers must have a legal time to swim in the butterfly, breaststroke, and individual medley events at championships, but may enter with NT (no time) in the freestyle and backstroke events.

What is a "DQ"?
A disqualification (DQ) indicates the swimmer has committed some infraction of the rules during the race or in the start, turn, or finish portion of the race. U.S.A. Swimming, Inc., prohibits the assignment of awards, times, or points to swimmers who are disqualified.

How are points scored and ribbons awarded?
In dual meets individual events are scored 5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd. A team cannot "sweep" an event (take 1st, 2nd & 3rd). If a "sweep" occurs, the 3rd place ribbon is awarded to the third place swimmer, but the point is awarded to other team’s fastest swimmer. Relays are scored 7 points for 1st place only. Ribbons are awarded to all receiving points; however, all exhibition swimmers receive participant ribbons. Invitational meets have a different scoring and award procedure that is spelled out in the meet information.

How do I know my child will be at the correct lane at the correct time?
Swimmers and parents are responsible for getting their athletes to their events on time. Veteran parents and swimmers can assist you; they usually write the event number, heat number, and lane number on the hand or arm of their swimmers in a grid format.

What is the order of events for meets?
All dual meets have the same order of events: 100/200 Medley Relay, 100 IM, 50 Free, 50 Fly, 50 Back, 50 Breast, and 100/200 Free Relay. Invitational meets have different events in a different order.  A complete list of the dual meet order of events may be found on the website.

What is the order of the strokes for the individual medley or IM?
In the 100 IM the order of strokes is 25 Fly, 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Free.

What is the order of the strokes for the medley relay or MR?
In the Medley Relay the order is 25/50 Back, 25/50 Breast, 25/50 Fly, 25/50 Free.

Who decides which events my children will swim in dual meets?
The coaches make that decision. Our goal is to have all swimmers with a time for all events for entry in the championship meet. Each coach is assigned an age group, and he/she writes the line-up for that group. Writing line-ups is a group effort.

What if my child cannot make a meet?
If swimmer is going to miss a meet, they are required to sign out by the end of practice on the Friday before the meet. If the swimmer or parent fails to sign out, that swimmer will not swim in the next meet. The sign out book is available during all practice sessions. Invitational and championship meets are sign in meets. You need to sign up for the events you want to swim, and we encourage that your swimmer enters the maximum number of events.

What about a week long day camp or activity my child is already signed up for this Summer?  Are there evening practices that my child can attend?
There are evening practices available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 PM - 8 PM.

How does the weather affect practice and meets?
All practice sessions are cancelled on the "deck". Rain without thunder and lightning is not a reason that cancels practice. The pool lifeguards make the decision if it is safe to be in the pool. Meets are cancelled by the home team. You need to go to the pool regardless of the weather as some meets are delayed until the weather clears up. In the event of impending weather which would affect a (dual) meet, the meet referee and administration may rearrange the sequence & order of events, allowing "technical strokes" such as breaststroke & butterfly, to be completed. The purpose of reordering technical strokes as a cautionary weather move is to allow swimmers to have those events & times on record for eligibility in Championships at the end of the season. Relays and freestyle events may be moved to the end of a meet in which inclement weather may be at hand, or they are eliminated in favor of completing technical stroke events.

How many practice sessions should my children attend?
We encourage you to participate in as many as possible. Swimmers need to learn the stroke mechanics as well as get into shape. Swimming is a process, and skills take years to perfect.

What are your goals for my children?
The number one goal is to have fun; we have several fun events scheduled. We would also like to see your children do their best (fastest) times at the championship meet. Our philosophy is that if a swimmer has a life-time best time, regardless of his/her finish in a race, he/she is a winner.

Does my child have to stay at a dual meet until the conclusion of all events?
The answer is no, but the swimmer MUST check the posted line-up or check with the coaches to see if they are needed for a freestyle relay at the last minute.

Where can I find a complete set of rules and regulations and other information for the Tri-County Swim League?
Go to the league website