Quotes from swim team families about their experiences with the Beckett Ridge Summer Swim Team

"He can’t swim!" I reminded the coaches. Since our 7-year-old son wouldn’t take swim lessons, we decided to sign him up for the swim team. By the end of the 2-½ month swim season, he learned all four strokes. Now he continues to excel in his age group. He loves the social aspect with the other kids and we love the outlet for his energy."

-----Gary and Jeanie Dittrich

"2007 is our 7th year on Beckett Ridge swim team and we love it.  My kids have made many friends through swim team.  Swim team keeps us on a schedule, which helps keep me sane in the summer.  My kids’ strokes have dramatically improved over the years.  It is amazing what swim team can do for a child’s self esteem.  When my kids started (some were 4 and some were 5 years old.) they were basically doggy paddling and by the end of swim team season their first year they were swimming the length of the pool without holding on to anything.  My son swims all year round now and loves the competition.  There are also many fun socials during swim team season…  I would recommend swim team to everyone.  It’s a great way to spend part of your summer."

-----Leah Jonas

"The Beckett Ridge Swim Team has been a great experience for our three daughters.  Through each season, they see their times drop and their strokes improve, as a result of their hard work.  The coaches do a great job of mixing in fun activities that include everyone and create a team atmosphere."

-----Dave Lotterer

"Beckett Ridge has a one of a kind swim team. It boasts the best facility in the Tri-County Swim League with 2 full size lap pools, including an 8 lane competition pool with score board. It has consistently strong coaching which produces strong swimmers whether they come for just summer swimming or swim all year around. But best of all, they make fun a top priority and tailor the swimming experience to each individual swimmer."

-----Beckett Ridge Swim Team parents

"I don’t think I want to be on the swim team after all, Mom." My seven-year-old son told me this, as …I was ready to sign "the dotted line." He had been so excited earlier when we discussed it as a family. In fact, all his siblings were ready to give swim team a try. A few minutes later, we were told that if my son wanted to try out the team for two weeks, we could get our money back if he didn’t like it. Wow. What a deal. The person who we spoke to at sign-ups…was so friendly and encouraging to my son (and me). He told us all kinds of fun things that the team did in addition to swimming that even my hesitant son nodded his head to give the Beckett Ridge Barracudas a try. That was four years ago. Now this same son says, "Summer wouldn’t be as fun if I wasn’t on the Beckett Ridge swim team."

-----Kelley Finke and family