Polar Bear Club

Polar Bear Club Season begins November 2, 2011!


The Polar Bear Club is a set up to help motivate swimmers to stay in the water through the winter months.  The coaches take roll at every practice November through the end of February. All swimmers have a goal for practice attendance. Swimmers who meet their goal are inducted into the Chico AquaJets Polar Bear Club at the March Pizza Night. The Polar Bear Club members are awarded a coveted prize!


Here's how it works:


  • Swimmers must swim at each practice, senior swimmers can swim with morning or evening masters and it will count as a practice that day, each day swum at a swim meet will count as bonus attendance days. Please don't bring sick kids to the pool. It is a good idea to get some extra days in early to make up for unforeseen illness and family vacations.  Practice attendance goals: 6 & un 55%, 7 & 8 60%, 9 & 10 65%, 11 & 12 70%, 13 to 18 75%.

  • The pool is nice and warm during the winter months.   Once the kids get in the water we usually have a hard time getting them out!  We swim rain or shine, and only get out for lightning.  

  • Our goals is for all swimmers to stay in for the winter.  The little ones that swim at least twice or three times a week through out the winter will see a tremendous benefit to their swimming in the spring and summer.  

  • Age group swimmers will observe a two-week holiday during December's the public school break.  Practice holidays are not factored into Polar Bear Club.  The Senior Group will swim through the winter break.

Set your goal, and come on out and swim with us!