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CAC is a USA Swimming club. As part ofAmericas Swim Team, we are a group of strong, competitive, tight-knit and occasionally quirky folks who are more at home underwater than on land. Whether you are racing your first 50 yards or standing on the podium,at CAC you'll find everything you need to connect with people who are as crazy for swimming as you are. Want to see what you can achieve? Put yourself in the race by clicking on the link below, and filling in your name.

Put yourself in the race!

The swimmers creed pulls us all together. Have a look at who we are by clicking below.

The USA swimming Swimmers Creed.

As part of a 300,000+ team of swimmers across the country, our USA team has all types of swimmers from beginners, to Olympic contenders, all of who share a passion for the sport. On, you can set up an account to track your results, see qualifying times, get helpful tips and/or just stay on top of the world of swimming. As part of the team, you can sign up for newsletter that will keep you informed top swim stories. To get on the email list, click here.

Want to read the USA Swimming Meet Survival guide, click here.

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