Pool Facility


6th and MacVicar, Hummer Sports Park


All lessons are held at the Capitol Federal Natatorium Pool

  • Parking is located on the North side of the building 
  • Once inside the building you will pass through a long commons area.  The TSA office is located to the Right (just past the pop machines)
  • The Men's locker room is located on the Left, the Woman's on the Right, just before you enter the main doors that lead to the pool area. 

Level 5 "Team Prep" practices in the main pool 

  • Once inside the natatorium, look RIGHT.  You will see a sign that says "Team Prep" on the wall.  This is where Team Prep swimmers are to meet their coaches and team mates before every practice. 

Levels 1-4 will practice in our small pool located at the East end of the building 

  • Once inside the main pool area turn Left and go through the double glass doors. 

Family restrooms/showers are located at the South end of the small pool area through the double glass doors.