Drill of the Week

Drills of the Week



Drill of the Week # 29

Another Great Drill for breaststroke from Coach Joey

Opposite Ankle Grab - Coordination and lift - Begin this drill by using your right hand to hold your left ankle (ankle to butt) Stroke the left hand and kick with the right foot kick, breath normal. Switch sides.

Drill of the Week # 28

A Great Drill for breaststroke from Coach Joey

3-2-1-0 - Timing - This a 4 lap timing drill. #1. Stretch and hold the glide for a 3 count. #2. Stretch and hold the glide for a 2 count. #3. 1 count Breaststroke #4. Race Pace: as soon as the feet clap, pull.


Drill of the Week # 27

Another Great Drill from Coach Simon

"Here’s a very good breaststroke drill, with little kids 25’s of it.  Must be done with snorkel!   Lay as flat as you can, then press hands out to past shoulder width (elbows straight), then hesitate slightly at the furthest point outside, then accelerate the pull in and out to recovery.  Object here is to work on high elbow, really work the forearms, trying NOT to lift.   Really helps them feel the water and what is supposed to be done in the stroke.  They can eventually do this and count strokes so they know they are getting more efficient and stronger."

Coach Simon


Drill of the Week # 26

Boat Drill  - Head out of the water/ Ankles crossed. Feet first on your back.  (Key - Look at the other end of the pool and stretch before you pull.)  You then pull breast stroke.  This drill works the arms and shoulders, as well as the catch

Drill of the Week # 25

CRUNCH DRILL - Head out of the water. You get into the crunch position (Crunching your stomach muscles) (Key - tops of your knees should be on the surface.  You then pull breast stroke.  This is not only a conditioning drill but also works the abdomen and the catch/press on the pull.


Drill of the Week # 24

Band Director Drill (Butterfly) - with your snorkel you will press out to the "Y" position. When you are pressing into the "Y" position you should get your hips up out of the water.  Repeat this drill as if you are directing the school band.  Purpose: establishing feel and body position.


Drill of the Week #23

10 x 75 Free @ 1:15   25 10 - 10 Drill (10 kicks on your side then rotate to opposite side) drill working on Rotation and extension, 25 # right pulls, 3 left pulls, working on stretching into the catch position. This is a kicking set as well as a drill set.

Drill of the Week #22

Breaststroke 2-2 drill.  Swimmers complete 2 underwater pulldowns and 2 Breaststroke cycles per 25. Most swimmers will perform more swimming cycles than the prescribed two (2).  The idea is to strive for 2-2.  In striving for this goal you will make changes that are more efficient in nature. In addition to efficiency you are working on breath control that is necessary in completing great pulldowns.

Drill of the Week #21

All swimmers in Age group and Super Squad should master this drill.  Side-Back-Side Kick.  Remember that everything follows the head.  With a "steady head" you rotate your body from the feet to your shoulders.  The shoulder should be directly in front of your chin "Look for the shoulder"  After 6 kicks you rotate to your back than your opposite side.  It is important that you start your rotation from the hips.  This drill promotes fast kicking and body rotation.

Drill of the Week #20

L Drill -  this drill was taught to us by Dave Marsh, from his DVD on Backstroke.   You kick on your side making an  :L: shape with you arms.  The bottom arm is extended underwater (Horizontal) with your palm in the catch position.   The opposite arm is extended towards the sky directly vertically.  After several fast kicks you switch sides.  This drill promotes: timing, catch and body roll.)

Drill of the Week #19

Russian Rollover Drill-  this drill was taught to us by University of Arizona Coach Frank Busch from his DVD on Backstroke.   You swim two on your back and two pulls on your stomach working on the catch.  This drill not only helps us on our catch but also the rollover for the backstroke turn.

Drill of the Week #18

Do you wish to drop 2 seconds in your 100 free?  or any 100 yard distance?  Well what about improving your breakouts?   What is a breakout?  The breakout is the distance covered by you, when you push off the wall and take your first 3 strokes.  How can you improve your break outs?  Simple:
Push off the wall with more effort
Streamline more
Kick with propulsive, explosive kicks
First 3 strokes should be at race speed
On butterfly and freestyle you take 3 fast pulls before the first breath
Strive to on improving your breaststroke pull downs.


and last but not least  practice this skill every time you push off the wall.  You have an opportunity to work on this skill every lap you swim every day you swim.

Drill of the Week #17
From Coach Simon: with freestyle snorkel and zoomers:
1.  2 x 50 kick, first one hands down at side, 2nd one arms in front streamlined---------follow the line on the bottom of the pool so that the center of the bottom curve of the snorkel stays online with the bottom.
2. Swim 50’s until successful, keeping snorkel (head) lined up on the bottom line----------no movement, start with 2 beat kick.  After successful, go to 4 beat and then onto 6 beat kick.  Eventually build to all out 50 with snorkel w/or without zoomers.
This is a great balance drill and not quite as easy as it may sound.

Drill of the Week #16

Two Stroke Finish Drill-  this drill was taught to us by University of Arizona Coach Frank Busch from his DVD on Butterfly.  
You swim two whole strokes fly and on the third cycle you perform the surface drill.  It is important that you throw your hands towards your feet on the finish cycle of the drill

Drill of the Week #15

Dive Drill-  this drill was taught to us by University of Arizona Coach Frank Busch from his DVD on Breaststroke.  
It is  a breaststroke pull with a dolphin kick, then dive under the water and finish with a strong breaststroke kick. The dolphin kick helps get you into that undulating motion that is essential to the success in breaststroke. In doing the dolphin kick, it is important to exaggerate the up-kick and arch your back. This will help you get high on the surface of the water before you dive under.
Drill of the Week #14

5/20 Backstroke drill
-5 racing stroke cycles, then 20 kicks with the body on its side.  This stroke drill is fast.  It will promote body roll, strong kicking and fast tempo.
Drill of the Week #13

Anchor Drill
- this is from the USA swimming Video on Freestyle with Mark Schubert and Lindsey Benko.  Your work on the catch by anchoring your hand out front.  Point your fingers toward the pool bottom.  You then pull accelerating the hands into the finish.  The recovery is under water.  When watching the DVD make sure you do the drill like you see "it".

Drill of the Week #12

Swimmers should master each drill by attempting to perform the drill correctly.
Here are some drills shared with us by Coach Simon.  Read the description then come to practice ready to master these drills.


Hard kick with arms fully extended, 1 min hard 15 moderate. 20 min. total

Wall kick push aways. Using moderate kick, allow the body to move forward then (still kicking) push ways from the wall as hard as possible. As soon as you reach the furthest distance away from the wall possible, kick as hard as you can till you hit the wall.  As many as possible in 10 min.

Wall kick push away, then begin reverse skull a hard as possible and kick as hard as possible. Object to stay in one place.  Probably 1 min work, 30 moderate kick on wall for 10 min.

Wall kick using ice cream stirrer skull.  Moderate kick, one arm extended below the shoulder toward the bottom.  Begin skull with straight arm, straight wrist, then flex wrist, then flex elbow but keep skull narrow.  Teaches feel of the water.  Change arms every 30 seconds. 5 min.

Wall kick with ‘curly cues’   moderate kick, one hand on wall, other hand does 8 to 10 figure 8’s from front of body all the way back to hip where you should finish with a real fast skull.  Alternate arms

 Kick 50’s of fly or breaststroke kick with  hands at side.

Half the distance, double the speed drill, can be done on wall, or using 25’s or 50’s or vertical kicking with weights.  Start with a very large exaggerated kick, after 30 seconds cut the distance of the kick in half and double the speed, 30 seconds again, cut in half and double the speed.  Most kids will be able to reach max speed and correct kick in 3, but kids with very long legs may need 4.  Teaches feel of both up and down kick, creates power and speed.

 Kick 25’s or 50’s freestyle kick, one arm in small of back pressing down on opposite side  and lifting elbow out of the water. You need to kick strong on this drill with or without fins.   Teaches correct body position and kick for freestyle.  Keep the eyes on the bottom.


3/3/3/3 FLY DRILL.  Do 3 front end catch skulls, then 3 middle of stroke skulls, then 3 finish

Forward reverse fly skulls, object stay in one place.  Full underwater fly stroke, then reverse skull to starting position.   

Breaststroke 4 position skull.  Narrow out skull and reverse, wider but not to max. width and     back, then skull to max width, then inward skull.

You can do similar kick drill in breaststroke

Variations of this for freestyle also
Reverse the snorkel and go boat pull skulls by what ever distance you desire
Drill of the Week #11

backstroke hesitation
- swim backstroke, but pause with the arm overhead (at right angles to the body) concentrate on rotating the palm outward, then drop the arm down to the catch position (little finger edge of the hand leading)


Drill of the Week #10

Front Crawl Catch-Up Drill

Allow the stroke technique to slow down with a pause at the front of the stroke where the hands come together and meet up for two seconds. Maintain a good streamline position and keep your legs kicking to improve your technique.

Drill of the Week #9

Surface Fly Kick with Arms Folded.
(Core Press). We will be working on mastering this drill all week.   This drill involves kicking fly on the surface as we have been doing.  However,the difference is you will be asked to fold your arms across your chest while you kick. Make sure at no time your arms leave contact from your chest throughout the drill. You will also be asked to get the back of the legs up out of the water while tilting your body forward.  All this can be achieved IF you focus on pressing your arms below your head on each and every kick. This drill was given to us courtesy of Coach Tom Weltchek,  of Lake Oswego,  Oregon.  Coach Tom has worked with Olympic and American Record holders as well as World University Game Champions.  This drill helps both butterfly and breaststroke.

Drill of the Week #8

Single arm backstroke -
This drill involves pulling with one arm while the other arm trails at your side.  You need to kick fast.  Emphasis should be on rotating to both side.  Look for your shoulder to be in front of your chin on your full rotation.

Drill of the Week #7

Paul Bergen Clap Drill -
This drill involves surface drill, but with a hand clap behind the back on the finish. What I like about this drill is how we work

Drill of the Week #6

3-3-3 Fly
This drill involves 3 whole strokes with NO BREATH.  then 3 right arms then finishing 3 left.  Work on long strokes and hand acceleration.

Drill of the Week #5

breaststroke pull with freestyle kick -
Think "Fast hands"  The kick needs to be fast and continuous to drive the body forward on the recovery.

Drill of the Week #4

Single Arm Free

The key on this drill is to rotate in both directions.  Make sure you KICK fast, Accelerate the pull and rotate the hips.

Drill of the Week #3

The Fly to Breast Kick Drill.
It is  a breaststroke pull with a dolphin kick, then dive under the water and finish with a strong breaststroke kick. The dolphin kick helps get you into that undulating motion that is essential to the success in breaststroke.
In doing the dolphin kick, it is important to exaggerate the up-kick and arch your back. This will help you get high on the surface of the water before you dive under.

Drill of the Week #2

Barrowman (Nagy) 3-2 breaststroke drill. 
3 full strokes under water, followed  by 2 strokes above the surface.  We are looking for proper timing and great leg drive.  Count your CYCLES!!!!!!!!

Keep the elbows HIGH as you sweep your hands on the in sweep!!!


Drill of the Week #1

Lin Li Drill 
2 right pulls, 2 left pulls  5 fast pulls. This is a great back stroke drill.    What do all great backstrokers have in common?  Excellent body roll, strong kick and deep catch on the pull and great hand acceleration.  What is acceleration?  a change in speed!  We will practice this drill until it is mastered