Swimmer of the Month

 Age Group Swimmers of the Month: April 2016!



Starfish Swimmer of the Month:

Eliza Basaula



Eliza has a great attitude and works hard at every practice. She shows great leadership at such a young age. So proud to get to be a part of her swimming journey! - Coach Julie

Seahorse Swimmer of the Month:

Sammi Schultz

Sammi comes to practice on time and ready to go. She maintains a great attitude throughout practice and is always listening to what is next. She is very coachable and takes direction very well. At the end of every practice Sammi has made a point to come up to the coaches and thank them for a great practice. She is also a great teammate and is very encouraging to her fellow swimmers.   - Coach Mary Kate

Stingray Swimmer of the Month:

​Raniel Legaspi



Raniel is a very hard worker, but is so quiet he sneaks right in. He comes to practice more than what is required of his group and attends meets on a regular basis. He is understands the importance of good technique and uses that to become a faster swimmer. He is trying out for red group and I look forward to seeing what he can accomplish in that group.  - Coach Lindsay

East Novice Swimmer of the Month:

Maxine Harter


Maxeen has improved so much in the past few months, she has really stepped up at practices. Her stroke has gotten so much better and her flip turns are fantastic! She is one of the older kids in the group so she knows she needs to set examples of how to act and swim at practice. Maxeen is going to be taking a quarter break but we can't wait to have her back, and see where she will continue to improve from there! - Coach Tristan and Coach Loreen


Tech Team

Swimmer of the Month:

Stephanie McDougal


Stephanie has been a joy to have on Tech Team. She comes with a positive attitude to practice, rain or shine. She loves to have fun, but at the same time she is always ready to work and improve her swimming. Stephanie's laugh is infectious which helps to liven the spirit and that is something I really appreciate about her. – Coach Ali

 Red Swimmer of the Month:

Ava Anderson


I have been lucky enough to watch Ava go from summer league into the club group. She started in stingray and went on to red group. She comes to practice almost as much as the coach, is on time, and prepared with her equipment. She recently competed in a meet where she earned a Junior Olympic cut (her first one)! I'm so happy to have her in red group and can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds for her.   - Coach Lindsay

White Swimmer of the Month:

​Sarah Deel


Sara has worked harder and harder every time she comes to practices. She knows when it's time to have fun and enjoy the time with her teammates, but can also switch her mindset when focus and discipline are needed during drills or when I'm explaining a set to the group. It's great to see her improve from being closer to the back of the lane a few months to leading her lane now! - Coach Omar

Blue Swimmer of the Month:

​Allison McDougal

Allison shows consistency in attendance and great leadership in the pool. She works very hard, and makes changes whenever she is asked to. She is motivated to excel and also encourages her teammates during practice and meets.  - Coach Jordan

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Annalouise Sheppard




Annalouise is probably one of the hardest workers I have at practice. She will do anything it takes to get better and to become faster. Her eagerness to learn and to push through any challenges she faces is a huge factor in why she is improving in her times and bettering her strokes. Not only does she work hard, but she is a huge team player as well! She is always willing to help out others, and encourage her teammates all while doing it with a smile on her face. It is so great to see her meeting some of her goals because she definitely has earned it.  – Coach Tristan

Bronze Swimmer of the Month:

Cameron Schwantes



Cameron is really interested in moving up and becoming a better swimmer. He's very motivated during practice and meets. He also takes critiques very well and corrects his stroke. Respectful, has fun with the group and loves to race! - Coach Brooke

Silver Swimmer of the Month:

Justus Vang


Justus continually impresses me with his very strong drive to become a better swimmer. He shows this by working very hard in practice, both in effort and in attention to detail. Justus has made incredible and consistent improvement, which is a direct result of his willingness to push himself when things are uncomfortable as well as his great attitude. He is also one of the most polite swimmers I have ever coached and never leaves a practice or meet without a “thank you”. He is definitely a leader by example. Great job, Justus! – Coach Tanya

Gold Swimmer of the Month:

Ethan Cole



Ethan has had exceptional attendance and done an great job of taking feedback from his performance in meets and applying it to improvement in practice. Those two HUGE factors have resulted in increased consistency in practice that I know will translate into more confidence in his upcoming races! – Coach Mark


East Advanced Swimmer of the Month:

Christina Anderson

Christina has had an excellent work ethic recently. She has shown great improvement in practice and in meets. She always has a great attitude and I can always count on her to try her hardest. - Coach Loreen