Swimmer of the Month

 Age Group Swimmers of the Month: April 2016!



Starfish Swimmer of the Month:

Amberly Ford


Amberley just joined Starfish only a couple of months ago but she has made huge improvement since then. She takes constructive criticism to heart and asks questions to make sure that she gets things right. Her joyful attitude and hard work is why Amberley is swimmer of the month for starfish! - Coach Ali

Seahorse Swimmer of the Month:

Landon Hermono


Landon always comes to practice with a great attitude. He has come so far as a swimmer and continues to grow each day. He works hard and really listens to what the coaches have to say.  - Coach Mary Kate

Stingray Swimmer of the Month:

​Lucia Indart


Lucia has been working so hard these past weeks. She comes to practice at least 3 times a week and is always ready to work hard. She is always smiling!! She encourages and helps out her teammates and ends practice by thanking her coaches. I'm so excited she will be moving to red group.  - Coach Lindsay

East Novice Swimmer of the Month:

Julia Sheppard


Julia always makes practice fun and interesting, it's never a dull moment with her! She is a very outgoing and energetic swimmer, who is always willing to go above and beyond at practice. She is one of our mini leaders I have out at Novice and is always willing to help out other swimmers. Julia takes any critiques or tips that I give her and applies it to her stroke right away. I cannot wait to see what Julia will do in the future! - Coach Tristan and Coach Loreen


Tech Team

Swimmer of the Month:

Nicolette Goudreau



Nicolette has been a great addition to Tech Team this year. She comes prepared for practice every day and she is ready to work regardless of if it is her favorite stroke or her least favorite. I can count on Nicolette to be a leader for the group when I am not there which is something that every coach appreciates. Her positive attitude and her agressive approach to practice is why she is swimmer of the month of for tech team ! – Coach Ali

 Red Swimmer of the Month:

Ali Bone


Ali is involved in many sports and I'm so happy she has decided to stay with swimming. She is an extremely hard worker and always has a positive attitude. I could tell her to swim 1000 butterfly and she probably would swim it as best she can. I'm happy to is part of red group and can't wait to see her progress to the next level.  - Coach Lindsay

White Swimmer of the Month:

​Guiliana Taliaferro


Guiliana has been working hard since the first day she got into White group. She has never been afraid to go around and pass other swimmers, regardless of how much bigger or older they are. She comes to practice every day ready to learn something new and as a result has been making great improvements in her times. It is great to have someone so joyful and excited to be at practice, and look forward to seeing how she does from here on out. - Coach Omar

Blue Swimmer of the Month:

​Hayden Lambert

Hayden has came a long way this season. Beginning  short course season in White and ending season as a member of the Blue group. He meets challenges daily and overcomes them all in stride. As a first time member in blue, Hayden finaled at junior olympics and was a member of the SWAGR championship team. His hard work and will to succeed are displayed daily along with his team oriented attitude.  - Coach Jordan

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Chloe Hong




I am so fortunate to have been able to coach Chloe from seahorse all the way to blue group, and also watch her improve so much along the way. Chloe is someone I can always count on to give their best at practice, she always comes ready to work! She is a great example to the other kids in development of how to practice and what swimmers can do to get better. Whenever she gets an opportunity to swim in a meet she takes it and she has been very consistent with attending practices this past month. I could go on and on about what a great swimmer Chloe has been in my group, and that is why she is this months swimmer of the month.  – Coach Tristan

Bronze Swimmer of the Month:

Abigail Hill




Works extremely hard every time she shows up to the pool. Comes with a great attitude and an eagerness to learn and improve. She gets excited for the harder sets because she knows they will make her a better athlete! She motivates her peers and is always willing to help out her teammates during sets. - Coach Brooke

Silver Swimmer of the Month:

Julianne Snyder


I chose Julianne as the swimmer of the month because of the incredible amount of energy and exuberance she brings. This past month she has really been able to channel that energy into practice and elevate the dynamic of the entire group. She has been more focused and seems very determined in mastering whatever we are working on. Not only is she swimming faster, but she is also paying close attention to the details and is never shy about helping out her teammates. Great job, Julianne! – Coach Tanya

Gold Swimmer of the Month:

Lucas Chang


Lucas always comes to practice with an outstanding attitude.  This attitude is infectuous!  He is a tremendous leader in my group.  Always leading by voice and by example and always encouraging!  When there is something going wrong in practice, Lucas is usually on it before I can even say a word about it!  Great leader, great attitude, great athlete!  – Coach Mark


East Advanced Swimmer of the Month:

Justin Niles

Justin showed great improvement in his championship meet. He dropped a significant amount of time in all of his events, despite many physical set backs recently. - Coach Loreen