Swimmer of the Month

 Age Group Swimmers of the Month: April 2016!



Starfish Swimmer of the Month:

Cecelia Indart



Cecilia Indart is so much fun to coach. She works hard and takes good direction! Congrats Ceci! - Coach Julie

Seahorse Swimmer of the Month:

Luke Gresham


Luke has improved so much, not only with his swimming skills but with his listening and all around attitude. He works really hard and asks almost every lap if it was better than the last. He is very encouraging to his teammates and keeps the environment positive and exciting.  - Coach Mary Kate and Coach Julie

Stingray Swimmer of the Month:

​Dawson Moore



  - Coach Lindsay

East Novice Swimmer of the Month:

Malia Baker


This is a swimmer who is improving tremendously everyday at practice, she always listens to her coaches and asks questions when necessary. Malia wants to move up to red group soon, so she made the commitment to start attending more practices throughout the week something and that is something we really appreciate and shows us how much she wants to get better. Malia also just swam in her first swim meet this past weekend, where she did a FANTASTIC job! We cannot say enough good things about this swimmer, and cannot wait to see how she progresses!  - Coach Tristan and Coach Loreen


Tech Team

Swimmer of the Month:

Aiden Devaney




Aiden just joined Tech Team a couple months ago and has been a hard worker ever since day one. Although he is quiet, he leads by example to show that hard work pays off. He is friendly to his teammates and extremely respectful to his coach and others around him. I appreciate having Aiden in Tech Team and I can't wait to start seeing major improvements. - Coach Ali

 Red Swimmer of the Month:

Caleb Cavalla



   - Coach Lindsay

White Swimmer of the Month:

​Nikki Supara



Nikki has done a great job being at practice as much as she can, and it shows in the improvements she's made. Her enthusiasm and excitement to be at practice is contagious and spreads to her teammates  - Coach Omar

Blue Swimmer of the Month:

​Hamin Kim


Hamin has come a long way since being a part of blue group. She is at practice almost every day wether its 40 degrees and windy or its 103 of blistering heat. She pushes herself daily to try faster intervals and strives to better not only herself, but to better her teammates.  - Coach Jordan

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Alex Minton



Alex is a very hardworking swimmer, he continues to push himself day in and day out. The attitude that he brings to practice is always a great one, and he is never one to complain about something. He is also very eager to improve at swimming asking everyday after practice, “coach what can I work on?” I have been lucky enough to coach Alex from seahorse to white group and everything in between, and I cannot believe how much he is grown since then. Alex also earned his first individual JO cut this year and I am so happy for him because he definitely deserves it! – Coach Tristan

Bronze Swimmer of the Month:

Chase Belflower



He has come a long way in just a short amount of time with Bronze. He works really hard in practice and loves to go fast! Always eager to get off the blocks and race, has a lot of fun with the other kids in practice, and pushes himsel - Coach Brooke

Silver Swimmer of the Month:

Ryan Cookingham



Ryan is a very determined swimmer both in practice and meets and loves to race! What has impressed me this past month is his motivation to push himself in practice. He is constantly trying to make the fastest intervals when given a choice. If he doesn’t make them one day, then he is back at it the next. No fear of pushing the comfort zone . . . VERY important to successful swimming! – Coach Tanya

Gold Swimmer of the Month:

Tatum Scarry


Resilience!  If you were to watch Tatum in practice that is the word that would come to mind.  This young lady comes to practice ready to work every day.  She doesn't just put in exceptional effort, in terms of physical exersion, she works hard at listening, making stroke corrections, and focuses on accomplishing major objectives of our sets.  These are all great skills to sharpen as she continues to improve to the ranks of our sport.  I'm excited to see how her willingness to improve and learn will serve her in the years to come! – Coach Mark


East Advanced Swimmer of the Month:

Decklin Byrd

Decklin works hard on everything that he does and always tries to be the first one to the wall no matter what we are doing. He is always asking how to get better and has shown great improvement the past few weeks.  - Coach Loreen