October Swimmers of the Month

 Age Group Swimmers of the Month: November 2016!



Starfish Swimmer of the Month:

Ally Cunha


For starfish, our swimmer of the month is Ally Cunha. Ally has made big strides in the last few months on her technique and in her listening skills. Not only does Ally try her best, but she also sets a good example for her teammates. She is generous and is consistently looking to make sure everyone feels included. Ally brings great energy to practice and is always ready to improve in her strokes. She takes instruction extremely well and never gives up.  - Coach Hannah

Seahorse Swimmer of the Month:

Aliza Basaula

Eliza has worked hard from day one. She comes to practice prepared with all her equipment and a great attitude. She always asks how she is doing, what she can do to improve and encourages her teammates at every lap.   - Coach Mary Kate

Stingray Swimmer of the Month:

Kim Cabradilla

Consistently comes to practice with a smile. He is always on time and prepared. I could tell him to swim 100 laps and he would do it (with a smile). He isn't afraid to work hard or push himself and he is always asking what he can do to improve. He encourages his teammates and is always listening to the coach. I have enjoyed having him in the stingray group and will be sad to see him leave when he moves to red group.   - Coach Lindsay

East Novice Swimmer of the Month

Janae Penner

Janae always is very consistent with her attendance at practice, there is never a week where I say to myself, "I wonder where Janae is? I haven't seen her this week." PLUS she always comes to practice with a great attitude! She shows that she wants to get better with her great work ethic, and by always swimming in a meet whenever she has a chance. She does not let anything hold her back from doing the best to her ability! Janae is someone I never have to worry about paying attention or not knowing what we are doing. I cannot wait to see what her future has in swimming because she looks like she gets better and better everyday! Congrats Janae!  - Coach Tristan and Coach Loreen


Tech Team Novice

Swimmer of the Month:

Jonathan Herren


Jonathan is a joy to work with.   Jonathan gives his all at every practice.He takes direction well and follows instructions. He is improving everyday and it won't be long before he moves on to the next track.  He always has a smile on his face and is the first to jump in and help with putting in and taking out lane lines. I only see good things coming his way! - Coach Debra

Junior Group

Swimmer of the Month:

Katherine Tapia

Katherine has improved weekly since starting with the Junior group. She always has a smile on her face and a desire to improve. Her improvements have been reflected in best times in recent swim meets and in her stroke technique in practice. Katherine is a joy to coach and I can't wait to see what more she has in store for 2016. - Coach Blake

 Red Swimmer of the Month:

Isaac Naranjo

Isaac is great to have at practice. I can tell he truly enjoys being there and wants to improve every day. He is respectful to everyone around him, coaches and swimmers. I look forward to seeing at practices and his improvement throughout the season. - Coach Omar

White Swimmer of the Month:

​Louis Qin


Louis is one of those swimmers that shows up and gives it his all. No matter what set he's swimming, his big smile sets him apart! Louis is teachable, and he consistently proves this with his willingness to try anything I throw at him no matter the challenge. His hard work has really paid off and will continue to do so. So glad to have him in my group! - Coach Julie

Blue Swimmer of the Month:

​Alyssa Hagans


Alyssa has been a model swimmer and leader this month. She has one of the top practice attendance percentages in blue group and takes every workout in stride. This past month, Alyssa has taken more of a leadership role by leading her lane while encouraging others to try hard and set goals. I am very proud of Alyssa and all she has accomplished throughout her time in my group, I am excited for what this sport holds for her in the future.  - Coach Jordan

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Brooklyn Wong



Brooklyn has improved so much in such a short amount of time. She first came out to practice back in May or June, and started out in red group and ever since she has moved up to blue and gotten better in her technique and faster in her times! I can remember her in the beginning, having trouble reading the clock, and figuring out intervals but now she is leading the lane, and pushing everyone around her to keep up at practice! She swam in her first meet last month, which I know she was nervous about, but she CRUSHED it! I am so happy how much she has improved over the past couple months and continues to push and better herself at practice. Awesome job Brooklyn!   – Coach Tristan

Bronze Swimmer of the Month:

Raphael Legaspi



He works really hard and is so funny and fun to have in the group. He takes critique extremely well and changes things ASAP if needed. Motivates, encourages and pushes his teammates and makes every practice fun. He's also shown a great improvement in his strokes and continues to get faster! - Coach Brooke

Silver Swimmer of the Month:

Emily Chang

Rarely have I ever seen Emily without a smile on her face. What I love about her happy demeanor is how contagious it is! She brings up the group as a whole as it is nearly impossible to be negative or feel badly around her.


Emily carries this positivity into the pool with her. She attacks sets, is not afraid to fail, and leads the group by example. I know her hard work and incredible spirit will give her great results both in and out of the pool . . .  and her infectious giggle will keep us all laughing! – Coach Tanya

Gold Swimmer of the Month:

AJ Sheppard



AJ understands the value of work.  He works hard at everything:  dryland, preparing the pool for practice, focus on drills, hard aerobic main sets.  If we had a pie eating contest, I don't doubt he would work hard at that too!  I'm confident that his strong work ethic will pay off BIG dividends, not only this season but for years to come! – Coach Mark


East Advanced Swimmer of the Month:

Christina Anderson

Christina has had excellent attendance the past few months. She always works hard and pushes herself at every practice. She is very responsive to critique and always  makes a conscious effort to work on technique. Tina is a pleasure to coach and I look forward to working with her every day. - Coach Loreen