Swimmer of the Month

 Age Group Swimmers of the Month: January 2016!



Starfish Swimmer of the Month:

​Sammi Schultz


Sammie has already been a Starfish swimmer of the month this year, but I can't help but to chose her again. My favorite thing about her is her smile, that is plastered across her face whether she is having the time of her life, freezing in the pool, or after I just told her to run 3 laps for dryland. She has improved immensely and I will be really sad when I am forced to move her up to Seahorse. I can't wait till the rest of the club coaches get to have her as a swimmer in the future.  - Coach Ali

Seahorse Swimmer of the Month:

Caleigh Hastings

Cayleigh listens very well and works hard every day. She is one of the few that is always signed up for meets outside of skills meets. She comes with a positive attitude and is always ready to go.   - Coach Mary Kate

Stingray Swimmer of the Month:

Kaitlyn Genco


Kaityln has really come a long way.  She has improved so much!!! She comes to practice prepared and is always there to help out her teammates.  When she competes at swim meets, she is ready to race!!! I like how dedicated she has become and it has shown in the pool.  She will be moving up to Red group and I can't wait to see what she accomplishes while in the Red group. - Coach Lindsay

East Novice Swimmer of the Month:

Lucy Minton


Lucy is one of our youngest swimmers that we have in our Novice group, but she is also one of our hardest workers. She always shows up with a big smile on her face and a positive attitude! Whenever we tell the swimmers any drills or something specific that we need to work on, she is always someone we know that will listen and try her best to apply it to her stroke.- Coach Tristan and Coach Loreen


Tech Team

Swimmer of the Month:

Stephanie McDougal



Stephanie has been a joy to have on Tech Team. She comes with a positive attitude to practice, rain or shine. She loves to have fun, but at the same time she is always ready to work and improve her swimming. Stephanie's laugh is infectious which helps to liven the spirit and that is something I really appreciate about her. – Coach Ali

 Red Swimmer of the Month:

Sadie Davis


Sadie has been a joy to coach both in stingray and red group.  Sadie always comes to practice on time and prepared both for dry land and in the water.  She is polite and respectful to all swimmers and coaches.  I know I can count on her to lead her lane and pay attention during practice.  I can definitely see her going far in swimming and can't wait to see what else she accomplishes while in the Red group.   - Coach Lindsay




White Swimmer of the Month:

Kian Ramani

Kian has been a great part of the White group. He's always focused on the drills at hand, as well as listening and reminding others to listen while a set is given. He is always eager to do anything that involves running during dryland. Kian has shown great improvements in the pool, and with the positive attitude and willingness to get better that he has, I'm sure he will continue to do so.  – Coach Omar   

Blue Swimmer of the Month:

Maddie Malone

Maddison swimmer has displayed her leadership skills by being a leader by example. She shows up to swim everyday, on time, ready to work hard and better herself. Balancing school, swim, piano and a social life, Maddison does it all with a smile. During the holiday season and the blistering cold practices, Maddison made her way to swim practice daily to better herself in and out of the pool. The result of her drive to succeed and commitment to swimming, Maddison Malone earned swimmer of the month.  - Coach Jordan

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Andrew Covey



Andrew is one of my hardest workers out at practice, although there are points where he might need an extra push to get going, he is someone that I can tell wants to get better and I know will step up to the plate when the time comes. Andrew is someone that is very silent, but is always a great example to those around him of how to act and work at practice. His dedication and work ethic this past month has earned him the East Development swimmer of the month.  – Coach Tristan

Bronze Swimmer of the Month:

Alexis Naranjo


In practice, I never question whether Alexis is giving her best effort. She comes consistently and asks questions to make sure she understands what is going on. In group time, she offers feedback and helps her lanemates understand each set.   – Coach Daniel

Silver Swimmer of the Month:

Halle Adams


Halle has impressed me this month with her hard work ethic. I have noticed occasions when she has had a challenging day but is able to put that aside when she arrives at practice and really be part of the team, stay focused and give her all. More importantly, I see her confidence growing in workout and I look forward seeing this take shape during competition as well. Great job Halle! – Coach Tanya

Gold Swimmer of the Month:

Claire Tuggle

Most people know Claire because she is a talented and FAST swimmer.  What most don't get to see is the hard work that she puts in ALL THE TIME!  Most people don't get to see her fall short, try again, fall short, try again, fall short, tray again, and then succeed.  When other swimmers want to know how she makes it look easy, the answer is simple, WORK REALLY HARD at practice all the time!  This past month, Claire has really grown in this regard and she is even asking for more!   – Coach Mark


HS Gold Swimmer of the Month:

Brendon "Taco" Sirabian


Taco is one to never disappoint. When he comes to practice he is there to work hard. He puts his all into ever set he is given. I can always ask him if he is ready for a challenge and expect honesty and heart from him. His drive and determination inspire those around him. His spirit and sense of humor make him a joy to have at practice. – Coach Daveen