Swimmers of the Month


Age Group Swimmers of the Month: November 2019!




Swimmer of the Month:

Mateo Leon- Asleson


Mateo always shows up to practice with a smile. He is hard working and works toward being a better swimmer! We love having Mateo at practice and can't wait to see him grow as a swimmer! 


-Coach Natalie


Swimmer of the Month:

Atrina Shojai


Atrina has improved so much in the first quarter. She always comes to practice with a great attitude and works hard. Way to go Atrina!


- Coach Sam 



Swimmer of the Month:

Aidan Pham


Aidan has been to every practice. He enjoys swimming so much and wants to be very successful in swim. Aidan works hard in practice and has a great attitude during practice. He is a fun kid to be around and always greats you with a smile. 


- Coach Torie

East Novice

Swimmer of the Month:

Manraj Singh



Manraj has been doing great things in Novice this month! He made the big move to Stingray, and has been performing well at both the skills meet and USA swimming meets. The most important thing Manraj has been doing is coming to practice and listening to and performing everything asked of him. He always takes constructive criticism and makes changes in the next lap and each lap after. Great job this month Manraj!


 ​- Coach Ashlee & Coach Gina

Developmental Prep

 Swimmer of the Month:

Sean Alali


Sean is a first year swimmer who has quickly risen to the top of his group. He is always on time and ready to work. He Is honest and respectful and sets a good example for his peers to follow. He always gives 110% without questions asked. I can’t wait to see all he accomplishes this season with Clovis Swim Club.


- Coach Jill


 Swimmer of the Month:

Sophie Cook

Sophie is a hard worker who does not give up no matter what. She always has a happy motivating mood and is always excited to start practice. She always works hard and it shows during practice! Congratulations Sophie!


 -  Coach Katie


Swimmer of the Month:

Evan Costella 




Evan always shows up with a positive, fun- loving attitude and is willing to work his hardest with each set. He encourages his teammates and challenges them to be their best self. Evan keeps morale high during practice by always offering a smile or a joke. Thank you for all your energy and effort! 


 -  Coach Hannah


Swimmer of the Month:

Kate Spradlin



Kate is someone who shows what true perseverance is. She shows up and gives her best effort in every single practice. I never have to tell her to pick up the pace or worry she is slacking off. She is honest, caring, and extremely hard working. Kate constantly shows what an excellent team mate looks like through their actions. With endless words of encouragement, fist bumps, high- fives, and overwhelming positivity. Thank you Kate for your wonderful spirit and work ethic. 


- Coach Hannah 


Advanced/ Senior Prep

Swimmer of the Month:

Alexander Ginther 

Alexander has shown great improvements, this month especially. He has been putting in hid best effort to make changes to his strokes and challenging himself to do better. He brings lots of enjoyment to the group by always having a smile on his face and helping others in advanced and senior prep along the way. Keep up the great work!


- Coach Isaac

East Prep

Swimmer of the Month:

Logan Espinoza 


Logan has come a long way in a short amount of time and with a lot of hard work and dedication. Logan is a team player and can make many of his teammates laugh. 


- Coach Gina

East Developmental Swimmer of the Month:

Gracie Sombat



Gracie is a joy to coach! She comes to practice and jumps right in to whatever we have to work on for the day. She always come to practice with a smile on her face and ready to work hard. She is working hard at every practice and comes to almost every meet! She not only comes to every meet, but she gets a best time in almost every swim and has the biggest smile when she does it! Great job this season Gracie!


- Coach Ashlee


Swimmer of the Month:

Nathan Cookingham

Nathan has had good attendance, a fantastic attitude with a great balance between having fun and knowing when to work. His commitment to changing his technique has lead to some significant time drops this season, keep up the hard work Nathan!


- Coach Jordan 


Swimmer of the Month:

Alan Pham

Alan has been an outstanding addition to the group.  If you were to watch our practice, it would be easy to notice the way he uses his dolphin kicks off the wall, or swims with ease and efficiency, or races the end of his repeats as if he was on the verge of making finals at a championship meet.  All of these things are worthy of the Swimmer of the Month Honor, but maybe not the reason that he REALLY deserves it.  When Alan comes to practice, he accepts every challenge head on.  He is not afraid to fail and try again!  He finishes each challenge with a positive comment, like “That was fun!  When are we doing that again?!”  Things like that don’t take talent or mastery of swimming, at all, and of course, those are the things that will make him better later!  Keep up the good vibes, Alan!  


- Coach Mark 

East Advanced

Swimmer of the Month:

Allison Boam



Allison has been nothing but dilligent in making sure she comes to practice with the best habits and technical skills she can. She has great focus in practice and is a wonderful example for the team in using every opportunity to apply and practice what she has been learning. 


- Coach Deb