Red Waves FAQ



Season Info:


Q:            Where can I find more about the Preseason?

A:             Information can be found on the  recreation page at www.weston.org


Q:            Where can I find more about Spring Season?

A:             Information for the Spring Session will be in the spring recreation brochure or can be found at www.weston.org


Q:            Where can I find more about Regular Season?

A:             Call Sharon at 781-786-6266 or go online at www.weston.org 





Practice Questions:


Q:            What is the practice schedule?

A:             Practice Schedule


Q:            Where is practice held?

A:             Red Waves swim practices are held at the Weston Middle School Pool.  Directions.


Q:            What should swimmers bring to Practice?

A:             Please bring the following to all practices:

·         Swim Suit

·         Swim Cap – for those with hair long enough to pull back

·         Goggles – an extra pair is always a good idea

·         Water bottle

·         Shoes – for 11+ Drylands

·         Equipment bad with kickboard, snorkel, pull buoy, and hand paddles.


Q:            How will I know if practice or a meet is cancelled?

A:             The general rule of thumb is that if the school is closed; we will not have practice or a meet.  This applies to all holidays and snow days.  If the Weston Public Schools cancel all afterschool activities due to inclement weather practice will also be canceled. We will have practice over the winter break.  The schedule may be modified depending on how many swimmers will be around for practice.


The quickest way to know if practice is canceled due to bad weather is to sign up for Text Message Alerts from our team website.  This is highly recommended because it is the quickest communication we can provide in case of a sudden cancelation.  Instructions:

·         Log into your account (click here for instructions for logging into your account)

·         Click on “My Account” on the left side of the page

·         Click on “My Account” in the scroll down window that appears

·         Follow the further simple instructions by clicking click on the ACCOUNT Email and Text Messaging Setup link


Q:            What is the meet schedule?

A:             Meet Schedule


Q:            Where are Swim Meets held?

A:             Home Meets – The Weston Middle School Pool.  Directions.


Away Meets – Visit our Away Meet Directions Page. (Coming Soon)


Championship Meets – Both of the A and B Championship meets are held at Milford High School.  Visit our Away Meet Directions Page. (Coming Soon)


Q:            What is the order of Meet Events?

A:             Order of events


Q:            What should swimmers bring to Meets?

A:             Please bring the following to all practices:

·         Everything listed for Practice

·         Extra towels to stay warm (More on Saying Warm)

·         Shammy (suggested) - a small towel made of a special material that quickly absorbs water, and then easily rings out.  This will reduce the number of towels you will need by at least half

·         Dry sweatshirt

·         Dry pants

·         Dry socks

·         Small snack for between events.  No food or glass bottles on deck please.

·         Money – most meets offer a snack bar

·         Entertainment – something to do while waiting for the next event (cards, book, etc)

§  Note that there usually is not a secure location for valuables at meets. Jewelry, electronics devices and money are the responsibility of the individual swimmer.  Leaving them home is the best option.


Q:            How can I volunteer for meets?

A:             Information on volunteering



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