Parent Info

Parent Info

Briarhill Barracudas Swim Team Parent Info



  • Rebecca Briggs is the team coordinator and will try to make this the best swim team experience possible. Contact Rebecca by emailing if you have questions that are not answered by referring to the team website. Please address her, not the coaching staff, with your questions and concerns regarding coaching or the team.
  • The BH website and broadcast emails contain a lot of information and should answer most of your questions.  Please check emails daily for up-to-date information. Do NOT use the Team email address to notify of meet or practice absences or updates.
  • In addition to a plethora of information, the BH Website has features for new swimmers: Look under "Swim Meet Scoop" and check out “What To Expect At A Meet” and “What To Bring To A Meet.”
  • The Tri-Valley Swim League rules, philosophy and code of conduct are available for viewing in the office at the pool and on the league website  Please familiarize yourself with the rules.  It is your responsibility to know and follow the league rules.


Returning Prior-Year Swimmer Registration: scheduled for Thursday, Feb 7.,  2019  - ONLINE!

  • Early registration, for returning prior year swimmers only, is typically held in February.
  • In order to be on the team, you must participate in the swim meets. 
  • In order to swim in the meets, you must attend 3 practices a week.
  • In order to swim at Championships, you must swim in at least 3 dual meets.
  • A spot on the team will be reserved for a prior year returning swimmer through February 20th, at which point the spot will become available to a new family.
  • In order to meet the registration deadline of February 20th, you must have completed registration and mailed in work deposit check. Completion of the registration includes:
    • Reading all information for Registration; Team Parent Info, Swimmer Registration Form, Team Code of Conduct, and Work Deposit Program.
    • Mail work deposit check. Your swimmers registration will not be complete until work deposit check of $600.00 per family has been received. Make check payable to : Briarhill Swim Team (note swimmers name on check) and mail to: Briarhill Swim Team 8471 Briarwood Lane, Dublin, CA 94568.
  • Please note that by completing the Swimmer Registration, you are stating that you have read and agree to, and will abide by, all of the conditions set forth in the registration.

New Swimmer Registration:

New Swimmer Registration scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 21st, 2019. -ONLINE!!

  • Prospective new team members (or their parents) must contact the Briarhill Swim Team Coordinator by emailing, and supply the following information for the prospective team member : Name, gender, age as of 6/1 of the season year, level of ability.  Also, be sure to include a contact name, phone number and email address.
  • Upon receipt of the requested information, the prospective team member will be placed on the waiting list in the event an age group is full when you attempt to register.
  • Once registration is completed and processed for returning swimmers, it will be determined what age groups have available openings.
  • Prospective team members will be contacted if a spot opens up.  Openings will become available by age group/gender.  (First on the waiting list does not mean first on the team.  A swimmer may leave the team, but your swimmer’s age group may still be full).  We need to keep the age groups balanced in size.
  • If you are offered a spot on the team, the Coordinator will contact you and make all of the necessary information and forms available to you.
  • See info for "Returning Prior-Year Swimmer Registration" (above) for additional info/rules.

Refund Policy:

  • Your swimmer registration fee includes a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per swimmer 
  • No refunds will be given after May 1st of the current swim season. 


  • Conditioning is open to all returning swimmers, and those who have previously swum on a swim team, provided that they are self-sufficient in the water and can swim laps without supervision.
  • The final decision to accept or reject a swimmer for conditioning is up to the coaches.
  • Conditioning is held for four weeks during the months of April and May, for an additional fee, and gives the swimmers the opportunity to get back in shape before the season officially begins.
  • Conditioning sign-ups will be taken at registration.  If, after registration is over, you realize that your swimmer would like to join Conditioning, email the Coordinator.  If there are openings, you will be added to the session.
  • There will not be any prorating of fees if you cannot make all of the dates.  The fee is set at a low rate, assuming that most swimmers will only be able to attend 2 or 3 of the weekly classes.

Volunteer Point Structure; It takes up to 60 parents to run a home/hosted away meet, we Need YOU!

Volunteer points will be managed through our website.

Parents are required to work the following during the swim season:

  • 14-16 shift points at dual meets and/or team events (e.g., bbq, family fun night, swim-a-thon, etc.)
  • One shift at our fireworks booth
  • 1 shift at the Championship Meet (this is in addition to the 14-16 job points)

Please be sure to sign up for 14-16 points worth of meet and/or team event jobs when registering. The final requirement will be determined after all registration is completed and will be based on the number of families enrolled. Championship Meet jobs will be added to the website a couple of weeks prior to the event, and you will be asked to sign-up at that time.    

The meet job sheets will be emailed & posted before each meet. Please check to see what you signed up for. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND A REPLACEMENT IF YOU CAN’T DO YOUR SHIFT!

To manage your volunteer points, sign-in to the system and select Events, click on the "Sign up for a Job" button for the event you want. Click on any open job. This feature will be open for Parent Volunteers to sign in and manage their Volunteer hours.


The swim team, and especially swim meets can not run without the great work and support of our parents. To ensure that we always have the work force necessary to successfully run a meet, we have increased the work excuse fee. No longer a per-swimmer charge, will require $600.00 work excuse fee per family.  This fee is charged to families that elect not to work the 14-16 job points, one fireworks booth shift, and the 1 shift at Champs.  We collect this fee from every registered family, and families that fulfill their volunteer job points for the season will not have their check cashed or the money will be refunded if paid in cash.

Mandatory Meet Sign-up:

  • Swimmers, or their parents for them, are required to officially enter a meet.  To declare your entrance or absence, please log in to the website, click on EVENTS, scroll to the event you need to sign in or out of, and click on "ATTEND THIS EVENT" button.  Please log any absences as far ahead as possible.
  • Entrance or absence must be declared at least one full week before a meet. If you know your summer schedule now, please fill out all the MEET EVENTS for the entire season. Be sure to update any changes that occur. Do not use the Team email address to notify of meet or practice absences.
  • Any swimmer who fails to declare entrance or absence will not be scheduled for any events in that meet.
  • If there are more than 130 swimmers signed up to swim in a meet, some swimmers will be asked not to swim.  (League rules state that a team can only have 130 swimmers in a meet.)  The decision as to who will not be able to swim will be made by the coaches.
  • For EMERGENCY notification of absence on the day of meet, you can leave a message at (925) 323-1427. This number should only be used when a swimmer must cancel the day of a meet due to illness or family emergency. This phone is to be used for emergency calls ONLY.

Meet Check-In:

          Arrive for morning meets no later than 7:45 a.m. This allows the swimmers to warm up with the Team.

Check in at team check-in upon arrival! 

  • Swimmers will be scratched at 8:00 a.m. Evening meets will check in between 5:00 and 5:15 p.m., with 5:15 p.m. scratch time. Do not expect to get on deck at evening away meets much before 5:00pm. Please be on time!  A scratched swimmer can affect other swimmers when they are entered into a relay! Don’t scratch!! Use the voicemail , 925-323-1427, if you are going to be late and might be scratched. 
  • Check your emails to confirm times.
  • ·After team check-in, all swimmers aged 12 or under must check-in with their age-group coordinator.
  • Volunteers must sign-in at the Team Check-In

 Pool Rules:

  • Swim caps are required for practice and meets if your hair is longer than one inch
  • After the final practice each day, all team swimmers will be asked to leave the pool.  The gate will be closed and re-entry to swim will require a pool key given to Cabana pool members only.  Guest fees for non-members coming with a member (rate listed at pool) should be paid in the box on the office door.
  • Babies/toddlers MAY NOT swim without a swim diaper.
  • No band-aids or open wounds.


  •  Parents' attitude is everything. Be supportive. Briarhill may not win every meet but we are determined to have the most fun and team spirit. Encourage swimmers to know their times and ask how they can improve.

Code of Conduct:

  • Code of Conduct agreement must be signed by parents/guardians for parents and swimmers. The expectation is: if you, or the swimmer, breach the code of conduct you could be asked to leave the team.


  • Swim-a-thon, Snack Bar, and others. Ask how you can help.