Programs Supported

Minnetonka Anchor Club is looking for sponsors for our Aquatics programs.  In particular, we welcome the opportunity to partner with community organizations, to help each other.  

Among our partners who have sponsored meets through donations of goods/services and monetary funding are:.


Become a PARTNER with Minnetonka Aquatics

Depending upon your partnership commitment, you can benefit through:

  • Media Advertising
    • Presence (logo/ad/coupon) and link to your URL on Aquatics Web site (Swim Club, portal, other)
    • Weekly ad/coupon in Newsletter (see embedded file for newsletter)
      Ad in meet programs (1/4, ½, full-page available)
    • Partnership feature article in news on Web:  Aquatics, Club; potentially in local newspaper as mutually agreed
  • Advertising in Pool Area
    • Banner in Pool
    • Scoreboard advertising in big meets (pre/post meet; during warm-ups)
    • Signage on  bulletin boards/blocks
    • P.A. promotional announcements during meets
  • Signage/ Banners within Facility
    • Concessions
    • Stairs
    • Pillars
  • Other:  What is to YOUR benefit?  For example, you could taste-test new products during events to families and participants.  

Event Exposure Opportunities

Boys/Girls High School Teams

Swim Club



September Invitational

8 teams
300 athletes
200 families

2-4 Internal Meets (Oct, Dec, Feb,)




Safety Day (April)

5 Dual Meets

2 teams
80-100 athletes
50 families

1-2 External Meets (Invitationals) (May, Nov.)

500-700 athletes

400-500 spectators

Minnetonka Youth Triathlon (May)

1 Diving Meet

5-7 teams
10-20 divers, families

MSI Regional Championships (March)


750 athletes



5AA Sections

6AA Sections (every other year)

100-130 athletes
60+ families

3-4 Intrasquad Meets




5 Dual Meets

2 teams
80-100 athletes
50 families




Diving meet and invitational 6 teams
100 athletes
90 families

JV Sections

100-130 athletes
60+ families




5AA Sections

100-130 athletes
60+ families





Market Exposure Profile


Number of recipients



Minnetonka School District

Serves families in all or part of 10 communities: Minneton­ka, Chanhassen, Deephaven, Eden Prairie, Excelsior, Greenwood, Shorewood, Tonka Bay, Victoria, and Woodland.


  • 8,500 students
  • 1,160 employees


  • District Website—18,000 enrolled users
  • (Optional: District Newsletter/mailings)

Minnetonka Aquatics

Minnetonka Aquatics is a function of Minnetonka Schools and is comprised of:

  • Minnetonka High School Boys and Girls Swim & Dive Teams
  • Minnetonka Swim Club
  • Minnetonka Masters
  • Minnetonka Rec Club
  • Minnetonka Learn-to-Swim
  • Minnetonka Lifeguards (training and serving area pools and public beaches
  • Water Polo Team
  • Aerobics Classes
  • Total unique participants: Up to 800
  • Total unique families: Up to 400  
  • Approximately 200 families enrolled in Learn-to-Swim
  • Approximately 180 families have swimmers in the CLUB
  • Approximately another 30 families are involved in high school swim/dive (and not the others)



  • Learn to Swim
  • HS Swim/Dive
  • Swim Club/Masters
  • Anchor Club

Anchor Club Bulletin Board at pool

Minnetonka Swim Club

The Minnetonka Swim Club is a year-round, USA Swimming chartered competitive swim team offering high-quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities.


  • Enrollment between 275 and 330 (depending on capacity in practice groups)
  • Athletes practice anywhere from 3 to 6 days/week
  • Events last 1 to 2.5 days
  • Competitive pool (MME) used 7 days/week, year-round
  • Website
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Event programs
  • 2 Pools—bulletin boards, stairs, halls
  • MME additional: Concessions counter, electronic scoreboard, swimmers balcony


Donations given to the Aquatics and/or Minnetonka Anchor Club (booster) are tax deductible.