Spirit Wear/Suits

Spirit Wear / Suits

RISS LAKE BLUE SAGANO DIAMONDFIT                                                                  RISS LAKE BLUE SAGANO JAMMER

Female Swim Suit $46                                           Male Jammer $35


Swim Caps $10.50                                        Swim Caps (personalized)

                                                                         2 for $27       

Riss Lake Silicone Cap                                                        Riss Lake Silicone Caps-Personalized

Order through the team for lower price than regular retail, order now.

If you have questions or need more details on ordering suits or caps, please contact Becky Riekhof at beckyriekhof@gmail.com


2018 Spirit Items

T-Shirts   (these will be a very soft tri-blend shirt)

All registered swimmers will receive a tshirt.  Additional shirts can be ordered for parents/grandparents/siblings for $15 each.  Swimmers shirts will be grey and all additional ordered adult shirts will be the light blue.  



Yard/Landscaping Signs  $25 each for the first 2/ $20 for each sign over 2

To order t-shirts and/or yard signs please email Julie Knittig at jknittig71@gmail.com.  

with your sizes, quantities and personalization requests. Make checks out to Riss Lake Swim Team and mail payment to Julie Knittig, 6106 NW Pine Ridge Road, Parkville, MO 64152

Orders must be received NO LATER THAN May 6th.