Class Levels

Carson Swim School Badge Levels

Tiny Tot I: 6 - 36 months old. Exposure to water, parent participation - Group lesson.

Tiny Tot II: 12 - 36 months old. Must have tiny tot I experience, limited parent participation -Group lesson

Super Tiny Tot: 24+ months old. Tiny Tot experience, no parent participation - private

Sand Dollar: 3+ years, no water skills

Starfish: Comfortable leaving parent, gets wet, does not cry

Beginner I: Opens eyes, blows bubbles, front and back float for 5 seconds

Beginner II: Front and back float for 10 seconds, front swim 10 feet

Super II: Knee dive, freestyle with breath, flip and float

Beginner III: 25' freestyle swim, 10' on back, treads water for 10 seconds

Beginner IV: Changes direction in water, gets breath, treads 20 seconds

Adv. Beginner: Treads water for 30 seconds, freestyle side breathing, backstroke 25'

Beginner Intermediate: Knows breaststroke, treads water for 1 min. 50 feet freestyle

Intermediate I: Knows butterfly, elementary backstroke, 100 feet freestyle

Intermediate II: Stroke perfection and endurance

Adv. Intermediate: Disrobe, life saving skills, stroke endurance

Comp I: Fly, Back, Breast and Free starts and turns

Comp II: Perfect Individual Medley

Adult: Available for all levels (best done as a private lesson)

We test all students the first day and will make adjustments if necessary.