Interesting USA Swimming

U.S.A. Swimming is the National Governing body for U.S. Amateur swimming, of which ATAC is a member.

'What’s Happening' in competitive swimming in the U.S. is either established or managed by USA SWIMMING INC. Consequently, if there is information on some or any aspect of what our sport is about, USA SWIMMING will know about it.

An area that is extremely important in our sport is the support our parents can provide to enable our swimmers to maximize their potential and enjoyment in competitive swimming.

U.S.A. Swimming has a constantly changing link on their website that is specifically for parents. There are various articles and research that provide parents with information that can help in managing their swimmer’s busy schedules, both in and out of the water.

We would like to encourage our ATAC parents to periodically go to this website to stay abreast of the latest news in swimming.

It is also full of suggestions and advice on how parents can be great swimming parents.