Fees & Reg

Swim Team Fees

Monthly Membership Fee - The fee schedule below will be effective February 1, 2018. All current rates will be honored until that date.

8 and under-$100/month            
9-10 years-$135/month

11-12 years- $155/month
13-14 years-  $180/month​

15 & over       $ 185/month 

First additional swimmer: less $25
Second additional swimmer: less $45 


All payments are due on the 1st of each month. There will be a late fee of $15 assessed and charged to your account. All members must have a credit or debit card on file via the Team Unify website.

Membership is continuous, you will be charged monthly while a member of our swim team. If you take a month off you will be charged a re-registration fee equal to one month's fees.

As of September 1, 2013, all payments will be collected via credit or debit card.

Annual Registration Fee - This includes Colorado Swimming Inc (CSI) and USA Swimming registration, insurance and administrative costs. First time members will receive a t-shirt, one (1) latex cap and one (1) silicone cap. This will be collected via the credit card on file.

Recurring members: $95 annually on September 1st
Non-recurring member: $175 when you re-activate your membership
New member: $185 the first time you register with Flatiron Swimming

YMCA Membership Required - As of September 2014, all swimmers on our year round team, Fall Splash or taking clinics with us are required to be members of the YMCA of Boulder Valley (under the Flatiron Swimming corporate rate). 

2016 YMCA Membership Rates for Flatiron Swimming:

Single Youth/Adult   $54/month            
Adult Couple   $72/month            
Single Adult Family   $73/month
Two Adult Family   $81/month

Meet Fees - Meet fees are charged in addition to your monthly dues and include a pool surcharge fee as well as per event fees. Fees are billed to your account and are paid monthly via debit or credit card through our website. Meet fees can add up quickly, please read the meet information and understand the fees before signing up for a meet. If you commit and sign up for events at a meet and do not attend, you are still responsible for paying the meet fees. They are non-refundable once we submit our teams' entries.

Fall Splash - This is an opportunity to try out the year round team September - October.


8 and under-$100/month            
9-10 years-$130/month

11-12 years- $150/month
13 and over-$170/month

First additional swimmer: less $20
Second additional swimmer: less $40

Winter Clinic Swimmers

Open to all High School, Summer League and Recreational Swimmers. Please enquire if interested. 

8 and under-$130/month            
9-12 years-$150/month
13 and over-$170/month

First additional swimmer: less $20
Second additional swimmer: less $40