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Sea Pups

Crow Canyon Country Club Sea Pups:

One on One Swim Lessons for swimmers ages 3 and up


The Crow Canyon Sea Pups program is a fun, safe environment for kids age 3 years and up to learn the joys of swimming! This is a great program for all levels, whether the goal for your child is to get them water safe, get them ready for swim team, or they just want to get better at swimming but not compete. Every one of our students will learn the skills they need and want and have FUN doing it!


Our methods are based around teaching kids real water safety and swimming skills by getting them comfortable in the water through proper breathing and body position. These lessons are One on One with instructor and student, so we are able to take the swimmers through the proper progressions at their own pace. From learning how to get their first breath on their own, to advanced competitive swimming, swimmers will learn what they need when they need it. 


What defines being “water safe?” 

• Able to swim on their own for as long as they want and get into and out of the pool safely


Who are these lessons for? 

• Children Ages 3 and Up (even if they are still not water safe) 

• 6&Unders and 7/8’s that are new to swim team 

• Kids Ages 3-12 with the desire to learn to be better swimmers even if they are not going to be on swim team


What will be learned? 

• Kicking 

• Body Position 

• Floating 

• Breathing 

• Safe entry and exit from the pool 

• Proper Technique for Competitive Strokes


How is the lesson schedule structured? 

• Each Lesson Session is 3-4 weeks long, you can sign up for any number of sessions 

• Lessons are 15 or 30 minutes long 

  • You will sign up for a range of time that you are availble for your lesson. Your exact lesson time will be communicated to you ASAP but no later than one week before the start of the lessons. 
  • Example: If you sign up for a 15min lesson from 1:00 - 2:00 pm. We will email you ASAP with whether you are 1:00-1:15, 1:15-1:30, 1:30-1:45, or 1:45-2:00. 

• There is the option of a 2 Day a Week (Mon.&Wed. or Tues.&Thurs.) or a 4 Day a Week (Mon.-Thurs.) 

• There are no make ups for missed lessons



2 Days a Week

15min Lessons -  Non Member Price:$180 / CCCC Member Price - $160 

30min Lesson -  Non Member Price:$350 / CCCC Member Price - $300 

2 Lessons a week for 3 Weeks=   6 Lessons (M/W. OR T/Th)


4 Days a Week 

15min Lessons -  Non Member Price:$350 / CCCC Member Price - $300

30min Lesson -  Non Member Price:$680 / CCCC Member Price - $560  

4 Lessons a week for 3 Weeks=   12 Lessons (M - Th)


Spring Session Dates

Session 1 : March 23 - April 9 Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday

Session 2 : April 13 - April 30  Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday

Session 3 : May 04 - May 21  Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday



2 Days a Week 

15min Lessons -  Non Member Price:$240 / CCCC Member Price - $215 

30min Lesson -  Non Member Price:$460 / CCCC Member Price - $400 

2 Lessons a week forWeeks=   8 Lessons (M/W. OR T/Th)

4 Days a Week 

15min Lessons -  Non Member Price:$460 / CCCC Member Price - $400

30min Lesson -  Non Member Price:$890 / CCCC Member Price - $740  

4 Lessons a week for 4 Weeks=   16 Lessons (M - Th)


Summer Session Dates 

Session 1 : June 1 - June 25  Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday 

Session 2: June 29 - July 23  Monday & Wednesday / Tuesday & Thursday 



• Click on the days of the week next to your desired session, follow the SignUpGenius to select your lessons times

• *In order to do lessons 4 days a week you must register for a M/W & T/Th lesson*

• Anyone registering for more than one 15 minute lesson will receive the discounted rate of the 4 Day a week option



• Crow Canyon Country Club Members will be billed through the Club

• Non Members must bring a check made out to Crow Canyon Country Club on the first day of lessons