Swim A Thon 2017



2017 Valley Aquatics Swim A Thon

Here is a letter that you can use to send out to family and friends.  Please edit it how you see fit. 

Link to the pledge sheets

2017 Valley Aquatics Swim A Thon

2017 Swim A Thon

Valley Aquatics


The 2017 Swim A Thon Is just around the corner. The SAT will be held on Saturday,  November 11th.(specific schedule will be announced shortly) during a swimmers practice time   Each swimmer will swim as many lengths as they can for a two hour block of time (generally most swimmers silver and older can complete the 200 lengths in that time). 


The Swim A Thon is our only 'true' fundraiser of the year and we are striving for 100% participation. We are asking that each swimmer earn $150. The money raised helps to offset pool fees/scholarships for swimmers.  As a team, we are looking to raise $15,000.


New This year: you may earn hours off your requirement by raising above the team individual goal of $150.   For every $25 raised beyond $150, you will earn ONE hour off your Volunteer requirement.  For example, if you raise $250, you will have met four hours of your volunteer requirement. 



top fundraiser: $100 Northwest Swim Shop Gift card



$500: $50 Northwest Swim Shop gift card, USA swimming swim a thon T shirt (plus below)

$300: Special Edition T shirt and USA swimming swim a thon swim cap. (plus below)

$150: VAST limited edition swim cap (black with new colored logo)


.For more questions, please email Suzanne @ swimvast@hotmail.com.  Make sure to check out the frequently asked questions.


Thank you in advance for your support of our program! Let us know if you have any questions.




Swim A Thon Frequently Asked Questions


1) Do I have to Participate in the Swim A Thon?

Every swimmer on the team will swim in the swim a thon., regardless of whether or not they raise money. We encourage swimmers to raise a min. of $150 each as this money goes to offset our operating costs.


2) what happens on the day of the Swim A Thon?

Swimmers come to their assigned pool and swim as many lengths as they can in their allotted practice time. The maximum number of lengths a swimmer can swim is 200. Parents bring treats for the swimmers to have after the Swim A Thon is over. Also, parents are needed to help count laps on the day of the Swim A Thon.


3) “I don’t like to ask people for money, can I just write the check myself?”

Absolutely, just put the check in the Swim a thon envelope and return it with your swimmers name on front.  


4) What is the team goal?

The team goal is to raise $15,000. Our pool fees continue to go up and we are doing our best to keep our dues at a consistent level. Other than hosting two swim meets a year, this is our only fundraiser.


5) When is the money due?

We ask that all funds be turned in by December 1st


6) How should I get pledges?

Target family and friends and either send them an email, letter in the mail, or call them. We discourage people from going door to door to raise money. There is a sample letter that you can use that is posted on the website.