Welcome new and prospective members to the website of the Fort Worth Area Swim Team!
We are pleased you are considering participating in the great sport of competitive swimming.  We are excited that you have chosen to become part of Fort Worth's premier swimming organization and one of the finest competitive teams in the State of Texas with a history of producing elite level athletes. 
What is FAST?
   FAST is a year round USA Swimming and USMS Masters competitive team with ages ranging from 5 to 65 and host ability levels from beginners to Olympic level to World Champions.  We offer Age Group swimming programs (elementary through high school age) that compete locally and state wide, and continue on to elite level competitions on the national and international level.  We also have adult swimmers in the Masters group.
FAST Mission Statement
   The Mission of the Fort Worth Area Swim Team is to encourage participation, fitness, health and the lifelong pursuit of excellence through competitive swimming.
Our Team Goal
   FAST's Team Goal ultimately is to produce athletes that will help to make FAST a competitive team at the Local, State, and National/International level through the development of skills, values, and work ethics which are indicative of both an elite swimmer and a well-rounded person.  FAST strives to develop self-confident, goal oriented young people, who will become productive adults in society with a lifelong love for the sport of swimming. 
Our Philosophy
   While "winning" can be important, the striving, planning, and learning that leads to the overall competitive experience is of greater importance.  Championships, trophies, medals, and records do not begin to compare with the valuable lessons and personal growth that will take place as a result of participation by both swimmers and parents.  These lessons can be applied to situations that occur later in life. 
    The hardest worker does not always win the race, just as the hardest worker does not always earn the most money or success.  When one is committed to individual excellence for the good of a team, they are virtually unstoppable.  This "teamwork" is important in the business world. 
   Youngsters are encouraged to learn and progress at their own rate through several different training groups based on age and ability.  Younger swimmers are taught basics through "low key" instructional methods, including games.  Swimmers are encouraged to learn because they choose to do what is in their best interest, never to avoid punishment for breaking the rules.
   Throughout the program the swimmers are taught with varying emphasis the importance of striving to be the best they can be.  Along the way, we strive to instill a positive self-image, goal setting skills, basic time management skills, determination, commitment, dedication, and "team support" in each athlete.  We like our young athletes to learn and mature at their own rate in a positive and safe climate.  The long-term interest of the athlete is kept in mind at all times. 
Other Notable FAST Facts
    FAST is very proud of other notable aspects as our program tries to encourage and aid both our athlete members and reaching out into the community. FAST has long been a vehicle to helping the youth of Fort Worth improve themselves through an aquatic vehicle.
In the Class Room 
    Swimmers tend to carry very high GPA's and consistently have some of the highest GPA's of all student-athletes on both High School and College campuses through their learning and mastery of many of the philosophies we encouraged listed above. 
    One of the areas FAST takes very seriously is the ability to aid student-athletes and their families by opening avenues through sport-based athletic scholarships and performances to a wide variety of top Universities throughout the United States.  Giving an athlete a chance to a wide variety of college choices is something FAST is very proud of.  FAST high school swimmers have gone on to such institutions as: Harvard, Stanford, Notre Dame, Cal-Berkeley, the University of Texas, Texas A+M, the Air Force Academy, TCU, and SMU just to name a small few. 
   In just over 20 years, FAST families have received athletic scholarships for their swimmers worth millions of dollars.  This is a point of pride to the FAST program, that such awards are now an expectation for each graduating Senior class if the student-athlete plans on pursuing their swimming into the collegiate level.