Here at FLSwimming we encourage parents to talk with their swimmer's coach with questions and other information related to their children and our program.  Due to our coaches' focus on the welfare of the athletes during practice, we ask you please schedule time to talk outside of practice times. 

The Parent’s Role
Competitive swimming provides many benefits to young athletes such as self-discipline, good sportsmanship, time management skills and physical fitness.  Competition allows the swimmer to experience both success and defeat in a positive environment.  Parents, while not participants on their child’s team, contribute to the success of both the child and the team. 
FLSwimming Parent Guidelines
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive
  • Let the coach do the coaching (parents are allowed only in the parents area during practice)
  • Volunteer Service Hours - While we do not mandate each family volunteer a certain amount of time, it is expected that everyone chip in to help out when we host swim meets at our pool.

USA Swimming Downloads on Succes  sful Sports Parenting: