South Dakota Swimming Registration FAQ

1.  Where are the 2012 athlete and/or non-athlete USA Swimming registration forms?  Click here.  Also, click here to view the requirements checklist for non-athlete registrations.

2.  How does a USA Swimming club/organization re-new their membership through South Dakota Swimming?  Click here.

3.  How do I register as a new USA Swimming coach with South Dakota Swimming?  Click here

4.  How do I register or re-register as a USA Swimming official or other non-athlete with South Dakota Swimming?  Click here.

5.  How do we start a new USA Swimming club/organization with South Dakota Swimming? Click here.

6.  I am transferring to a South Dakota swim team; where can I get the transfer form?  Click here.

7.  How do I create HyTek electronic registrations or pre/post meet recon reports?  Click here.  

8.  How do I generate a USA Swimming Registration file from Team Unify?  Click here.

9.  What are the membership requirements for a USA Swimming sanctioned meet?  Click here.  

10.  All non-athletes must undergo a background screen prior to registering with USA Swimming.  The background screen may be taken online at  Click on 'Initiate a Background Screen' and follow the instructions.  Officials and coaches must complete a Level 2 screen and all other non-athletes will need to complete a Level 1 screen which is $19.00.

Note:  Sections 10 and 11 below were added September 24, 2011.  These FAQs provide valuable information about mandatory screening and training for non-athlete members as part of the broader USA Swimming Athlete Protection Program.

11.  Under Article 502.6.8 of the USA Swimming rulebook, all clubs are required to comply with the USA Swimming Pre-Employment Screening Procedures for New Employees for all new employees, hired after August 31, 2011, who are required to be USA Swimming members under Article 305.4 and 502.6.3. 

For more information about pre-employment screening please click here.  

12.  Under Article 502.6.1 All non-athlete members of USA Swimming must have satisfactorily completed criminal background checks and athlete protection education as required by USA Swimming. 

The Athlete Protection Program training instructions can be found here

For more information about the Athlete Protection Program please click here

For other questions, please email the SD Registration Chairat