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Registration is due by September 7th.  Practices will start 9/11/17.  Late registration can result in delayed renewal of USA Swimming memberships and participation in meets. Entries for fall/early winter meets must be processed early. This is especially important for Ct Public HS swimmers, or those involved with fall sports that may delay them practicing with CCAT in the early fall.    All swimmers are required to have USA/CT. Swimming memberships to be a member of CCAT programs or training groups for insurance / and competition requirements.


  1. Stroke and Turn Official:  $150
  2. Starter: $300.00
  3. Administrative Referee: $200
  4. DECK/MEET Referee: $500


You must be listed on the Ct. Swimming website as official status and be currently certified. If you qualify for this discount, please note on your registration fee contract and we will credit your account after you register. Discount/Refund will be applied in full toward your registration fee.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP :  GOLD group is  for  13 yrs and over swimmers who want to train and compete at maximum level. Experienced 11/12 swimmers with current Age Group cuts may ask for approval to join GOLD group if they wish to practice/compete more often then the Silver Group.Practices available 6 days per week ( approx 120 min )  with some additional practices for added training. Practices Monday-Thursday, Sun/Sat.   Yearly Membership ( September – July or last National Championship meets in August). Short Course Only Membership ( September – March 15 or last CT. SC Championship meet)


FEESmonthly payment schedule available. See Registration/Fee Contract

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP: $1,600  (includes USA/CT Swimming membership renewal )


SHORT COURSE ONLY :$1,000  (includes USA/CT membership renewal )


SILVER MEMBERSHIP:  Recommended  for 10 -13 yr olds with past competitive swimming experience. Practices available 5 days per week ( approx 105 min).  Practices available Monday-Thursday , Sunday.

Yearly Membership ( September – July or last CT. Championship meets).  Short Course Only Membership ( September – March 15 or last CT. SC Championship meet)


FEES: monthly payment schedule available. See Registration/Fee Contract

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP: $1,500   ( includes USA/CT Swimming membership renewal )

SHORT COURSE ONLY:  $875.      (includes USA/CT Swimming membership renewal )


BRONZE MEMBERSHIP:  Recommended for young swimmers ages 7- 11  who have developed all 4 competitive strokes. BRONZE group is for young swimmers that would  like to become more competent and may want to pursue competitive swimming to achieve their future potential.  Focus of this group is to provide and develop correct technique, participate in competitions,  and improve endurance levels.  There are 3 practices per week approx 90 minutes, Mondays, Tuesday,  Thursday.


FEESmonthly payment schedule available. See Registration/Fee Contract

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP: $1,000 ( includes USA Membership purchase or renewal)

SHORT COURSE ONLY:  $600     ( includes USA Membership purchase or renewal)


CHOATE STUDENT FULL SCHOOL YEAR MEMBERSHIP:  This is a program for Choate boarding students from out of town or state that wish to train / compete in USA Swimming meets with CCAT

( as an  attached or unattached CCAT swimmer) from September- end of school year.  Swimmers that swim attached to another USA team must have their own team coach enter any meets CCAT attends that swimmer wished to participate in.   Swimmers that swim unattached CCAT and are registered as such in CT.LSC or swim attached CCAT ( so they may reattach to their team for LC season) may be entered on the CCAT entries.

FEES: Due in full at registration

           $575 (if CCAT is to register/renew swimmer’s USA membership and enter in to meets)

           $500 (if swimmer’s USA Swimming membership is renewed by another USA Swim club)


PRE SEASON TRAINING MEMBERSHIP:  ( Sept-start of Choate season)  For swimmers who would like to train, (not compete in Ct/USA Swimming meets ) with CCAT.

FEEDue in full at registration

$300 ( if current USA Swimming member 2017)

$375 ( if  USA Swim membership required for 2017 or 2018 USA Swimming membership desired)


MINI CCAT PROGRAM:  MINI CCAT is a pre-competitive program for swimmers age 6-10 yr olds. This program is a step up from completed swim lesson programs. Intense technical instructions to develop proper stroke technique, teaching of competitive swimming rules, and preparing and exposing  swimmers to participate in competitive USA swimming.  Program on Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm. Spring sessions for registration will be posted in February.  Assigned day may change in Spring.

SESSION I :  October 2- November 20

SESSION II:  January 8- February 19

FEE: $ 75 per session  ( due in full at registration)


MASTERS:  USA Swimming Master program that trains Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 5:30 -7:00 am. CONTACT KEITH CARGAN at  for further information