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Swim Meet Volunteers

If you have 1 child swimming for The Tidalwaves, you are required to work 4 shifts at dual meets, AND 1 shift at the Championship Meet.  If you have 2 or more children swimming for The Tidalwaves, you are required to work 5 shifts at dual meets, AND 1 shift at the Championship Meet.  Each family MUST work 1 shift at The Championship in order for their children to be eligible to swim at that meet.


If you do not sign up for your required amount of shifts, you will be randomly assigned positions by the Swim Team Manager.  Therefore is in your best interest to sign up early for positions that best work with your schedule.

If you sign up to work at a meet and do not show up to cover your shift or have someone cover it for you, your child will become ineligible to swim in the next meet.


**Certain Volunteer Positions can be done in lieu of working shifts at swim meets-- such as Ribbon Coordinator and Star Coordinator.  If you are interested in taking one of these positions (we usually need 2 Ribbon Coordinators, and 2 Star Coordinators)  please let Erika know.  These can be done at home and do not take a lot of time at all.    It's a great option if you want to enjoy the meets and get those ribbons or stars ready for the kids later!

How do I volunteer for a swim meet? 

Go to the Event Tab on the top menu bar. View the date of the swim meet that you want to work.  Select Job Sign Up. Select the job you want to do by checking the box. Then, press Signup button.  After you press signup, you will notice next to checked box , your name in place of the job that you signed up for.  This confirms that you signed up for a job for this event.


Volunteers responsibilities are outlined below:

Computer Manager
The meet manager is responsible for running the software to manage the meet and therefore the meet. After the coaches have made the team selections in the team manager software and transferred the data to meet manager the meet managers job begins. Using the software the meet manager will manage scratches from individual events and relays from both teams (swimmer no shows on the day, final changes by coaches and relay changes). He/she will also look for possible opportunities to combine events to help speed the meet up. The meet is then seeded and reports required to run the meet are generated; Meet schedule, timers sheets and score updates throughout the meet. The Meet manager is also responsible for the scorers, making sure that they know how to enter the results into the computer and progressing any querries about times or DQ sheets highlighted by the scorer.  If you have computer skills and would be interested in this position, please contact Erika.  You will only work 3 home meets and your volunteer hours will be fulfilled.

Introduce the swimmer’s team, first name of swimmer, lane they will be swimming in, stroke, age group, and other pertinent information while keeping the meet moving at a smooth, but rapid pace.

In charge of getting the swimmers to their marks and sounding the horn. In case of a false start, the Starter is in charge of sounding the horn again to stop all swimmers. The Starter will work in conjunction with the Head Timer assuring that all lane timers are ready to begin each heat. Two starters are needed per meet each working a half.

Head Timer
In charge of overseeing lane timers. Head Timer will carry extra stopwatches in case of a lane timer watch malfunctioning or other unforeseen problems. Will hold a meeting before each meet to explain lane timer procedure and clarify any questions that exist. Works hand in hand with Starter in making sure all Timers are ready for each race.

All Timers will meet prior to the meet with the Head Timer to make sure that all Timers are present and to answer any questions Timers may have. In each lane there will be one Timer from each team. Timers will time the swimmer in their lane and then give the times to the Recorder/Runner. If one watch fails then use one of the Head Timers back up watches. Twelve Timers are needed for each meet and each Timer will be expected to time for half the meet. Timers will switch following the Butterfly events.

Ribbon Writer
Once the scoring has been completed the Tri Valley League Sheet pages will be given to the Ribbon Writers. The home team will provide the ribbons for individual 1st through 4th place and 1st and 2nd place relay teams. Fill out all of the information on the back of ribbon. When a single page has been completed, wrap all of the ribbons for that page inside the page and bind with a rubber band. Then place the page and ribbons in a box that has been supplied by the coach. Two Ribbon Writers are needed for each meet. Ribbon Writers will work only the second half of the shift.  This is a work from home position - please contact Erika if you are interested in this position.

Stroke and Turn Judge
A Stroke and Turn Judge will be provided by each team. Judges must watch all swimmers to make sure that swimmers touch the edge with two hands during all breast stroke and butterfly turns, during relays so that no swimmer enters the water before their teammate touches the wall, and to check for proper stroke technique. High school definitions of strokes will apply except as rated by the league rules. If a disqualification occurs, it should be recorded and submitted to the scoring table. Slips are turned over to coaches at the end of a meet. Two Stroke and Turn judges are needed for each meet. Each judge works half the meet. The Tri-Valley Swim league will provide training for all Stroke and Turn Judges.

Age Group Coordinator
Each age group parent will be given a blue apron, and a full copy of the meet sheet. Children should be gathered five to six events before they are due to swim their event. Any line up problems should be directed to the Clerk of the Course or the coaching staff. Once children are gathered, escort them to their lanes and line them up for their event. Remind the younger swimmers of the stroke they will be swimming. They often forget or get confused in the excitement. Age group coordinators work for half the meet

Runners will collect the timing sheets from the timers and the Disqualification (DQ) sheets from the stroke and turn judges as often as possible. These sheets are then delivered to the scorer at the computer table who will manually input the times and DQ info in the meet manager program.

Set up and Take Down
Assists in setting up or taking down of equipment (table, chairs, EZ-ups, etc.) at home swim meets.