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What you as parent need to know.

Help for Parents

This page is intended as a guide to help you the parents understand what is expected on the swim team and how you can help. It is by no means complete. Click here for detailed information regarding the Tidalwaves Swim Team

How can you as a parent help.

  • Take an active interest in your child's progress and development, successes and disappointments.
  • Encourage your swimmer to know their times and what their goals are.
  • Volunteer at swim meets by working as timers, scorekeepers, ribbon writers, starters, announcers and stroke and turn judges. No experience is necessary and the team and subsequently your children benefit from your your help! See Volunteer Tab for more information on how to sign up.
  • Support the team and the coaching staff with a positive attitude. Communicate any ideas, concerns or suggestions you may have for the team.
  • Check this website regularly.
  • Be a role model for swimmers by displaying good sportsmanship at swim meets.
  • Cheer on a Tidalwave swimmer that might be going for a personal best or an under 6 trying their best
  • Parents - Please do not approach the coaches on the deck during practice or meets unless it is extremely important. It is hard for the coaches to carry on a structured workout or organize a meet with continuous interruptions. The coaches will be happy to meet with you either before or after a practice or meet, or at a prearranged time. We try to make the most of the practice/meet time and are dedicated to providing the time and attention the swim team members need. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • It is a team policy that if a swimmer is going to miss a meet that the coaches receive written notice by the MONDAY before a Saturday meet and the THURSDAY before a Wednesday night meet. If written notice is not given, the swimmer(s) will be come ineligible to swim in the next meet. . This is important because the coaches plan meet line-ups well in advance of the meet.
  • During the swim team season try to make all the training sessions. The Tidalwaves runs for 8 weeks during the summer. Every attempt is made to cover all aspects of competitive swimming during this period of time.
  • Plan to have your swimmer participate in the swim conditioning sessions which are run weekly after the swim team finishes.Swim conditioning focuses on improving technique as well as endurance and speed. A swimmer with good technique is more efficient in the water, conserving energy on the stroke which can be converted into speed.

How to commit to a swim meet

1. Go to Events tab or scroll down to Events on the Home page
2. Click Attend/Decline button
3. Click on Member's name to declare attendance for this event
4. Select commitment choice under Signup Record & click Save Changes
5. Your swimmer is now declared for the meet.

What you should bring to a swim meet

When packing for a swim meet bear in mind that swimmers need to be kept warm in between their events. Swimmers can get chilled even on a very hot day. Early morning can start with a chill in the air so swimmers need to dry off after their warm up. Their first event could be awhile after their warm up.


The younger swimmers often get bored between events. Bring some small portable games that they can play with friends. Invite new swimmers to the team to join them.

If you have a sun canopy invite other families to share your shade. It helps to get to know other families on the team. Maybe you and another family could plan a rotation to share bringing a canopy. They are heavy items to carry.

  • Team Swimsuit, Cap and Goggles (spare goggles are always a good idea).
  • Bring at least 2 towels. Most of you may already have a team towel. Bring this one plus a spare. Even if it's a home meet at the Club. Use of Bay Club towels during a swim meet causes an abnormal increase in towel demand and as a result a shortage of towels to other club members during the time of the swim meet.
  • T-Shirt, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt and Sunscreen.
  • Umbrella or EZ-Up for Shade. Blankets to sit on or tarp for wet grass.
  • Toys for quiet time between heats.

Swim Meet Procedure

It takes a lot of work to plan a swim meet. Most of which is invisible to the team unless you are involved in the planning. Swimmers are selected for events and relays. If your swimmer cannot attend and you have not informed the coaches then a relay your child is swimming in may have to be withdrawn from the event if a replacement swimmer cannot be found. An opportunity for another swimmer to swim in the meet could be lost if the coaches do not know that you cannot attend. Ultimately the team could loose valuable points at a meet. It is a team policy that if a swimmer is going to miss a meet that the coaches receive written notice by the MONDAY before a Saturday meet and the THURSDAY before a Wednesday night meet. If written notice is not given, the swimmer(s) will be come ineligible to swim in the next meet.

  • Be on time.
  • Call the number the coach provides in the weekly update email if think you will be late.
  • Make sure your child checks in.
  • Make sure your child is ready for the warm ups.
  • If you are volunteering at the meet check in with the volunteer coordinator. It's especially important to know that we have timers and age group coordinators available to start the meet.
  • Make sure you check the Meet Program for changes to your swimmers events.

Bay Club Rules

There are two Bay Club rules that need to be followed during home meets and during training sessions.

  • All swimmers under the age of 13 must be escorted to and from the pool area by an adult. Parents must check their swimmers in and then be present to pick them up at the end of practice.
  • Swimmers under the age of 13 must be supervised by an adult in the adult locker room. They may not use any of the indoor spa facilities. Swimmers may use the outdoor spa as long as they are supervised by an adult.
  • Please bring your team towels or other towels during a swim meet. Please bring your own personal towels for use during the swim meets. Team swimmers and spectators may not use Club towels during swim meets since towel demand would be excessively high in a short time and other club members could be left without towels.

Swim Meet Planning

 Planning a swim meet involves many steps

  1. Beginning of the week coaches review vacation lists, DQ sheets ,times, request from parents when making entry selections.
  2. No later than Thursday morning entry selections are completes and entered into the computer.
  3. If Bay Club is hosting the meet : By 6pm on that Thursday the visiting team sends me their entries and I merge them in the computer with ours and send the visiting team the merged file.If we are the visiting team By 6pm on Thursday I have to send the entries to that team. They merge the entries and send the back up file to me.
  4. After all the entries from both teams are in the computer. Both teams then have to manage scratches: swimmers unable to attend because of illness or last minute emergency.
  5. An entries list is created and from that list your check in strips are cut.
  6.  Our team uses these strips as a way to
    1. i. Identify no shows at the meet
    2.  ii. Give the swimmer an initial indication of the events they will be swimming in during the meet.
  7. Managing Scratches
    • a. When coaches are informed of scratches they have to review the individual events and relays that the swimmer was in and try to find a replacement from the original roster as we cannot add new swimmers after the entries have been posted on the Thursday.
    • b. There are league rules as to how many entries and swims a team can have in a meet and also how many swims an individual swimmer can have.
      •  i. For Saturday meets a team can have up to 130 swimmers and a total of 420 swims. This is less for evening swims in the interest of time.
      • ii. Each swimmers can swim a maximum of 4 events
        • 1. 3 individual & 1 relay or
        • 2. 2 individual & 2 relays
    • c. Changing relays because a swimmer is not available is MESSY. We have to find swimmers that are ELIGIBLE to swim in that relay as in point b.ii.3 above.
    • d. When changes to swimmers events have been identified we ask the announcer to make an announcement asking that these swimmers come to the announcers table to get details of changes to their swims. Coaches and volunteers do not have the time to go looking for swimmers.
    • e. Having to do all of this on the morning of the meet is very difficult when there is a deadline to meet for the meet start time. The meet manager , our volunteer in charge of the computer on deck, must consult with coaches and make the necessary changes in the computer not only for their own team but for the visiting team also.
  8. Seeding the meet
    •  a. Once the changes have been made the meet is seeded. This means that the computer then runs a program to allocated athletes to heats within events and lane numbers.
  9. 8. Publish Meet Program and timer sheets
    • b. Timer sheets are then printed and distributed to the timers.