Dolphin Sponsors 2019
Join Our Swim Team

To be a member of the Rolling Valley Dolphin Swim Team, you must be a member of the Club.  Memberships are available:  Visit RVSTC for club membership details.   




Phase 1.  Practice starts June 3rd (Assuming opening day will be May 29 2020) 


  • 1 Coach who is lifeguard certified and has pool operator's license and 6 swimmers. Coach can be in lifeguard stand.

  • Each lesson will be 25 minutes, starting at 7:30, with 5 minute breaks to clean.  Sessions may be longer depending on how many swimmers sign up.  Possible Zoom Dry Land workouts - with Coach Emily.  Can also be recorded so can do workout at swimmer’s convenience.

  • Coach arrives at 7:15am, will clean all surfaces that may be touched, hands sanitized before/after each session.   Each swimmer’s temperature may be taken with a no touch thermometer before entering the pool.

  • Swimmers arrive through gate with suit, towel and water bottle and bathroom use only in an emergency.  The water fountain is NOT available.

  • Swimmers must be able to swim TWO laps without issue - Coach approved, Coach’s word is final.  No ages under 7 because pool rule says no kids alone on deck under 7 without parental supervision. 

  • Swimmers in lane 1, 3 and 5 start from shallow end, swimmers in lane 2, 4 and 6 start in deep end

  • Team Rep or parent volunteer will be present to make sure all rules are being followed.  Please talk to your kids regarding rules, they will be asked to leave if rules are not followed.

  • NO Parents allowed on the Pool deck but are welcome to wait and please be mindful of social distancing if you wait for your child.  All coaches will have parents phone numbers readily available. 


Phase 2.  At the Governor’s discretion.


We can now include kids under 7 and they must be able to swim 25. We will finalize our virtual meet schedule.  Worse case scenario we just have “meets” like time trials or fun games like regular summer swim but they get ribbons instead of high five from Emily.   Practice Schedule depends on when and how Phase 2 is entered and subject to change.  Bonus is that we have all Summer…


  • Time trials plus a few meets. 

  • Volunteers for the virtual meets, if we choose to go that route- Starter, ref, computer operator, ONE table worker, two timers per lane,announcer, Stroke and Turn head timer, Will also need a lifeguard (do we talk to NV Pools) and one coach.  In the past, NV Pools has supplied a lifeguard for meets but since everything is new this summer and many of the coach’s main duties cannot be performed, one of the coach’s can hop in the lifeguard chair during the “meet” when they are not swimming and they can also coach from there as well during practice time.  

  • “Clerk of course” maybe for the 10 and unders - X Marks the spot

  • Spectators on hill, following guidelines.  Parents are responsible for maintaining distance.

  • We will use the B meet ribbons to celebrate achievement.


How Virtual Meet works - 


It’s sort of like time trials.  We will swim at our pool only - On a day, before the pool opens.  No Monday Meets. Times are merged for points, it’s not about winning and losing but anything to have a sense of normalcy and competition.   If a record is broken it will be a TEAM Record only - just like in a B meet.  Competitions will take place based on our insurance policy. 

Phase 3 - Pups Begin - depending on the Governor and it may begin in August.