Groups & Schedules

Swim Groups


Our Development group is for young swimmers who are ready to learn more advanced stroke techniques. They must have a basic understanding of all 4 competitive strokes and will continue to learn by means of drills and games designed to make swimming fun. Swimmers are encouraged to attend meets and once they obtain the required goal times they advance to Age Group Blue.

Age Groups

Our Age Group program is designed to introduce and advance swimmers in year-round swimming. The groups are based on stroke instruction and progressing to competitive training. Dry-land is a very important aspect of these groups to build overall fitness.

Age Group Blue

Swimmers that have an understanding of all 4 competitive strokes with at least one “B” time.

Age Group Red

Swimmers with 3 or more “B” times.

Age Group Gold 

Swimmer with 3 or more “BB” times in more than one stroke. 

Junior Groups

Our Junior groups are generally for swimmers aged 11 to 14 that are committed and motivated in preparation for higher levels of swimming. These groups focus on stroke refinement, aerobic training and strength building.

Junior Red:

Swimmers with 3 “A” times

Junior Blue:

Swimmers with less than 3 “A” times.

Senior Groups

Our Senior groups are for swimmers over the age of 15 who are experienced and proficient and are working towards achieving at a State level. These groups focus on building speed and endurance, improving swimming technique, and preparing athletes for the National group. 

Senior Red: 

Swimmers with 3 or more “15/16 A” times.​ 

National Group
Our National group is for swimmers over the age of 15 with Sectional cuts. This group focuses training and competitive efforts at the National level and qualifying for National level meets. All swimmers are required to sign a code of conduct for this group at the start of the season. 


Our Master’s group is for swimmers who are over the age of 18 and wish to train to keep fit or to compete at the 
Master’s level. This group is also great for tri-athletes. For more information about masters, click on the masters tab above