General Information


We have a new coach and a new approach to serve your athlete and family! We are focused on Long Term Athlete Development, everything we do- guides towards developing your athlete to success over time following the recommendations of the American Development Model.

Practice structure:

  • Each practice will have a predictable structure:
    • Specific instruction on stroke work that will include dry-land demonstration, breaking the stroke down into smallest movement and building forward to develop fantastic technique.
    • Use of drills and demonstration to learn to "practice perfect."
    • Mainset of our "work" that will apply our technique skills to planned and meaningful work
    • Focus on speed, skill, sportsmanship, and fun - throughout practice.  Sending consistent messages to the athletes.
    • Dry-land work to ensure that all of the athlete's body is challenged, not just continuing to build our swimming muscles.  We also want to provide impact exercises that strengthen bones and ligaments too as well as our supportive muscles.  All while respecting the athlete's growth and education the athletes on the "why" we do this, to help the work become meaningful--teaching the kids why we train and teaching them how they should train.
    • Wrap-up practice with team building and fun!


  • We will have a reduced meet schedule this season, allowing for reduced stress on the family.
  • Option to attend USA Swim meets, if your athlete would like to compete more frequently.
  • Monthly family activities!
  • And much, much more!

The first step for anyone interested in joining our program is to schedule a swim evaluation with Coach Kris.  You can contact him by sending an email to

This will allow Coach Kris to better understand your family's needs in regard to scheduling, athlete goals and where they are located on the swim progression chart.  Then you will be able to register for the program at the YMCA front desk.

Next, if you need to do so, establish an account on this website and we will see you at our first practice!


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!