Parent Info

Competitive swimming programs provide many benefits to young athletes.  They develop:

  1. Self-Discipline
  2. Good Sportsmanship
  3. Time Management Skills

Competition allows the swimmer to experience success and to learn how to deal with defeat, while becoming healthy and physically fit.

As a parent, your major responsibility is to provide a stable, loving and supportive environment.  This positive environment will encourage your child to continue swimming.  Show your interest by ensuring your child’s attendance at practices and by coming to the meets.

Parents contribute to the success experienced by the child and the team.  Parents serve as role models and your attitudes are often emulated by your children.  Please strive to be positive role models and show good sportsmanship at all times towards coaches, officials, opponents and teammates.

Swimming competitively sometimes involves getting suggestions for improvement, which are usually best received from the coaches.  Be supportive.  Please avoid criticism of the coach in front of your swimmer.

If you have concerns, please discuss them with the coaches at a time other than practice or meets.  If unable to resolve a conflict, the matter may be discussed with the Swim Team Board

Remember that swimming should be fun.  When swimming becomes a negative experience, the swimmer is likely to want to stop.  When a swimmer fails to reach a goal, he/she should be encouraged to keep trying.  Stress the fun aspect of the sport.

Be enthusiastic and supportive.  Children need to establish their own goals.  For some this may be a practice goal, for others it may be finishing a race.  Younger swimmers are often inconsistent, so will need a lot of positive support.  The most important part of your child’s swimming experience is that he/she learns about himself/herself while enjoying the sport.  This healthy environment encourages learning and fun will develop a positive self-image in your child.

While your swimmer is working towards their goal’s encourage them to reach out and to strive towards excellence & be sure to let them know you think they are pretty terrific!!


Quite simply; without volunteers it is impossible to run home swim meets.  The jobs we need filled at every home swim meet will be listed under the ‘Job Signup’ button next to each home meet on the website.  We are asking everyone to volunteer as often as they are able, honestly helping out on-deck is one of the best places to view the meet, and best of all for a vast majority of the positions, no previous experience is necessary.  Pam Tibbott handles all of the volunteer coordination for the team.  If you have any questions, please contact her at