1.  Annual Registration

Houston Cougar Aquatics Sports is affiliated with the Gulf Local Swimming Committee of USA Swimming.  Each swimmer must join the Gulf LSC under the name of COOG before he/she maybe permitted to practice or compete.  The registration runs from August to July and this annual membership fee will be collected from all new and returning swimmers at registration time (non-refundable).  

Volunteer escrow fee -  Each family is required to commit up-to 12 hours per year volunteering for team activities (meets, fund raising, social activities, etc). If the volunteer commitment is met, this payment is “rolled forward” to the next year. If the commitment is not met, the family will be billed for the next year. The volunteer year runs from September- August. 

2.  Monthly Coaching Fees

You are obligated to pay dues for each month you are enrolled with COOG, regardless of whether your swimmer actually attends practice. Members have two payment options:

Option A: Month to month (due 1st of each month). Late payments will be charged a $10.00 late fee.

Option B: Full Year Pre-pay: Yearly dues in full, on or prior to annual registration receive a 10% discount.

Multiple family member discount:  The 2nd member of a family is discounted 10% . The third member of a family is discounted 20%, the fourth member is discounted 30%, and the fifth member will not be charged . Please note that if you, or your son or daughter swims in any part of a month, you are still responsible for the full month’s fee. Late payments have a late fee.  Discounts apply only for the monthly fees, not registration.  Please see the handbook for complete description of fees.

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