Rules and Policies


Pool Test
Each Child under 10 years old must be attended at all times by a parent or qualified sitter who is within reaching distance, unless the child has passed the pool test.

Pool test includes:
1. Swim two lengths of the pool
2. Tread water, back float or survival float for 5 minutes
3. Manager and parent approval

At the discretion of the lifeguard or manager a child may be required to re-test at any time.
Note: During adult swim no children are to be on the deck or in the water. During family swim children & teens may be on the deck or in the water if accompanied by their parents.

General Pool and Facility Rules
All Members and Guests use the pool facilities at their own risk, as the Club cannot be responsible for personal injury, loss or property damage. The cost of any damage to the Club by a Member or Guest will be charged to the Member. All Members and Guests must sign in when entering the pool area and are responsible for any applicable fees.

Non-swimmers must stay where they can comfortably stand with his or her head above water.

Swimmers deemed at risk by the staff may be restricted to parts of the shallow end of the pool or to the baby pool.

All Bathers shall shower thoroughly before entering the pool. Infants and children who are not toilet-trained must wear approved swims diapers.

Sunbathers who have put on suntan lotion are required to take a shower before re-entering into the swimming pool.

Admission will be refused anyone with skin abrasions, bandages, infections, or a cold.

One person and one bounce on the board at a time. Swimmer must go straight off the end of the board and must wait until the previous diver has reached the side of the pool before diving.

No diving from the side of the pool in the shallow end.

No diving from the side of the pool near the diving board or entry area.

No running on the deck.

Spitting and nose blowing in the pool are prohibited.

A swimming suit must be worn.

Inappropriate and/or dangerous behavior including, but not limited to, foul language, rough, unfriendly, or disrespectful behavior are prohibited and may result in the member or guest being denied use of the facilities for up to one day at the discretion of the lifeguard, up to one week at the discretion of the manager, and up to one year at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

No pets, bicycles, skateboards, or scooters are allowed in these areas: locker rooms, deck, sport courts, or lawn.

During lessons a parent or approved sitter must watch each child who has not passed the pool test.

No flotation devices are allowed, including, but not limited to: lifejackets, “water wings”, flotation swim suits, and wet or dry suits. Water socks are allowed if they are only worn in the pool and are washed thoroughly before entering the pool.

No glass containers of any type are permitted on the pool deck or in the locker rooms.

No alcohol is permitted on the pool deck. Adults may consume alcohol responsibly on the upper deck and lawn area. Irresponsible drinkers will be directed to leave the premises; their name will be reported to the manager, and, as necessary, to the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.

Persons using the lawn area are required to shower before re-entering the pool.

Use of the telephone is restricted to brief, local calls home.

Staff only are allowed in the office during normal operating hours. During meets or other events the manager may make exceptions to this policy.

Parking is only permitted in marked spaces. Parking is not permitted on the driveway or near the dumpster. In an emergency offending vehicles may be pushed aside by emergency vehicles.

Please help keep the pool safe and pleasant .

During Family Swim only children accompanied by adults may swim.

During Lap Swim only persons 14 and older may swim laps, use of the diving board is prohibited.

During Adult Swim only persons 18 and older, or staff approved by the manager, may swim or dive.

During Home Swim or Dive meets NP members may be free, unaccompanied guests at either Olympic View or Gregory Seahurst if their pool is not hosting a meet. At other times you are allowed to be a free accompanied guest whenever our pool is open at either Gregory or OV. This policy is reciprocal.

The Manager or Lifeguard has the right to remove a Swimmer for inappropriate conduct or actions. Please obey and respect the lifeguards. Failure to obey will result in a loss of pool privileges.

The Lifeguard has final say on all matters of safety, regardless of the rules.


Only members in good standing—have paid dues by the established deadline—are allowed to use the facilities.

Swim & Dive Lessons:
We offer group swim lessons for the following levels:
· Preschool children ages 3-5              · Beginners 1-2-3
· Advanced Beginners                         · Intermediates
We also offer competitive stroke improvement classes for 7-18 year olds & dive lessons as well. Private lessons must be arranged through the manager and only Swim Club employees may teach at the pool. Lessons cost $15 per half hour payable to the Club.

Non-Member Sign-Ups
Non-members may begin signing up for a session Wednesday prior to the first lesson.

Club Activities
Pickleball                              Volleyball
Softball                                 Basketball
Water Basketball                  Swings
Big Toy for children              Picnic facilities including barbecues

Membership Policy
Invoices for Annual Member Dues will be mailed by April 1st.

Memberships, when available, are sold through the Membership Coordinator for $400.00 plus a $100.00 administrative fee.  NPSC Current dues are $800, and a $75 dues credit will be applied if the member works 4 hours at a scheduled work party.

In order to be refunded the $400.00 joining fee, members are asked to notify the Membership Coordinator by April 1st.  If notice is not received by May 15th, or if the membership has not been sold by then, dues are owed in full, irregardless of whether the member still plans to sell.  the member then retains all membership privileges until the sale is completed.  The Membership Coordinator will sell all memberships as soon as a buyer is available (on a first come-first served basis), but the current active member is responsible for all dues owed until the membership is sold.  No portion of the dues shall be refunded or remitted.

Any member not paying their annual dues by the due date (listed on the annual bill and on the pool website), is considered an inactive member and not eligible to use any of the NPSC facilities.

Late fees of $50 will be assessed by the Board of Trustees.

Membership transfers (with the sale of your home) will be handled through the Membership Coordinator.  The new member is responsible for paying the $100.00 joining fee, and any dues that are unpaid at the time of the sale.

If you have a change of address, phone number, name update, or email address, please notify the Membership Coordinator.

Guest Policy

1.  All members and guests must check in each day they come to the pool.
2.  Guests fees are $2 person or one guest pass. (This fee applies to anyone who is not a member of the pool. (ie..grandparents, members from neighboring pools, guests not swimming)
3.  Guest passes are sold in books of 12 for $20, or $2 each.
4.  Each guest will sign in upon entry and child guests will be issued a wrist band to show that day’s authorized entry.
5.  Please be sure to have emergency phone numbers for child guests whose parents are not in attendance.
6.  All guests must be accompanied by a member at check in and the pool member must remain at the pool while the guest is in attendance.
7.  If dues are paid by May 1st, each membership will receive 10 complimentary guest passes to be used in the current swim season. No carry over to the next year will be allowed. Guest passes will be tracked in a book in the office.
8.  A casual guest may use the pool up to two times per week, they must be accompanied by the member and they must pay their guest fees upon each visit.
9.  House guests are defined as a guest staying at the member’s home for 1 or more consecutive nights. House guests use 2 guest passes for the duration of his or her stay or 4 passes per family. House guests must be registered in the pool office. House guests need to be accompanied by the member at all times while using the pool facilities but they are not restricted to the number of times per week that they frequent the pool.
10.  Care takers (i.e. babysitters, nannies, grandparents) of member's children do not need to pay the Guest fee if they are the one's providing the childcare in the parents absence.

Restrictions on number of guests per day:
Up to 9 guests: Members may have up to 9 guests on any day without prior notification to pool management. The member can choose to use individual guest passes or pay the Guest Fee for each guest.

Between 10 and 20 guests: Members bringing between 10 and 20 guests, during normal hours of operation, must request authorization and schedule the group through the pool office at least five (5) days in advance! The member can choose to use individual guest passes or pay the Guest Fee for each guest. When the member schedules the group they must state member number, approximate number of guests and time frame of party. (There may only be two (2) large parties at the club at one time, subject to manager discretion.)

Over 20 guests: MEMBER MUST RENT POOL (Not during normal hours of operation) -- See pool office for details. Guest passes do not apply to pool rental.

Please be considerate of other members when bringing in groups to the club and use the picnic tables in the grassy area. We will be happy to set up shade tents for your use.

Associate members

Associate membership Qualifications:
1.  Member of the club in good standing at least 10 years
2.  No children living at home under the age of 18

Requirements to become a Lifetime Associate Member:
1.  Sell memberships through regular process.
2.  Buy back into club for twice the amount of current dues and receive a nonrefundable membership.
3. Retain old number, but with "A" following number.
4. Member becomes a lifetime member with no annual dues or assessments, board duties or  voting rights.
5. Associate adult members in residence of household will be permitted to swim without fee, and use guest privileges in accordance with current guest fee rates.
6. Associate members do not have house guest privileges. Each associate member guest must pay or provide a guest pass each visit to the pool.

Guidelines for Associate Memberships:
1.  No house guest passes are permitted.
2.  Children over 18 who are living at home can come in with a GUEST PASS, but need not be with the Associate member. They may bring no more than two guests.
3.  Children over 18 who are NOT living at home can come but must have a guest pass and be accompanied by the Associate Member. These children must be visiting from outside this area. If they live within 10 miles, they must join the pool in order to use it.
4.  Associates may bring a non-family member but they must have a guest pass and be accompanied by the associate member.
5.  Grandchildren may take swim lessons at the member rate but the associate must sign them up.
6.  No family relatives of associate members may be on the swim team (without being a regular member themselves).