Coaches Corner

Welcome to all of you SHARKS swimmers to the 2017 Wheatlands Sharks swim season! It will be great to see many returning families as well as so many new families on our roster.  We are excited to announce our assistant coaches for the 2017 swim season.  Ellie Furuta, Aiden Tanner, Chloe Morton, Taylor Dirks and Evan Benke.  We have selected three Pups Coaches as well.  Tylen Phillips, Afton Tanner and Avery Ancell.  

Parents please support your swimmers from the sidelines during practice and leave the coaching to the coaching staff.  I know it is hard. Believe me, it is much easier for us to instruct your swimmer than it is for you.  Most children hear what they are not doing well from their parent but from a coach, the same information is received as what they can do to improve.  Engage your swimmer in dialog at the dinner table after practice.  Let them tell you or show you what they learned that day. Ask them if they understand the skills they worked on, do they think they are improving, is there still room for more improvement.  Build them up and be their number one fan and encourage them to always reach out to their coach for ideas on how to improve. Get to know our Wheatlands Sharks Board volunteer parents.  They work tirelessly behind the scene and are always welcoming new parents to volunteer. 

I hope you are ready because these next 8 weeks are going to be like Mr. Toads Wild Ride – fast and furious!  We have planned a season filled with new skills to learn, fast swimming, doughnut Monday’s, stroke clinics, a 1st of July fun practice, pancake breakfast, and movie nights. Go Sharks!

Coach Karen