Swim Programs

North County Aquatics offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to offer age specific training for all of our athletes; training geared towards challenging and developing each swimmer to the best of their abilities.

                                                    N.C.A. SWIM TEAM INFORMATION  

Year Round Stroke School (Lessons)

NCA offers beginning instruction to swimmers, age 4-12, who would like to learn to swim with proper technique. They will learn the fundamentals of swimming while gaining confidence in the water. Class sizes are kept small for an optimal learning experience.

Lesson Groups: Little Dragons and White Dragons=  $80 per month (2-3 days a week offered $60-$70)

Try Outs Required = Evaluation & Placement

Novice Program Information
The Novice Program is a pre-competitive swim team group for children between the ages of 6-12*, designed as a transition from swimming lessons into the world of competitive swimming.  The focus will be placed on teaching Freestyle and Backstroke through the use of drills and motor skills, improving kicking technique and learning body and head position and balance in the water. Progress in this group will be measured on developing skills and technique rather than on speed in the water. All levels of our swim team, including Lesson groups are considered part of the NCA Swim Team. 

Minimum Age:
*Must be 6 years old

Little Dragons- Intermediate Swim School

White Dragons- Advanced Swim School


  Competitive Swim Team  

NCA offers advanced, technical instruction and training to swimmers, age 6 through college age, who demonstrate a competency in the four competitive strokes. The ideals of good sportsmanship, self discipline, hard work, goal setting and teamwork are fostered. Members participate in local, regional, and national swim meets.

Click on the following to learn more about each of our groups:

BLUE- Beginning

BRONZE- Intermediate

SILVER- Advanced


How to sign up for NCA swim team: Call Head Coach Heather Moffitt @ 805-286-6982 to schedule an assessment today.



Masters swimming is an organized program of swimming for adults.  Masters swimming exists to promote health and fitness to its members who participate in a variety of ways ranging from lap swimming to international competition.  Everyone has his or her own reason for joining Masters — health, fitness, camaraderie, fun, the thrill of competition, travel and coaching.  Anyone 18 years of age or older can join. (USMS) provides the national administrative structure for Masters swimming, and it supports the local Masters programs.  USMS was founded in 1970 and has 60,000 members with 1,000 local swim clubs located throughout the country.  USMS holds national championships each year for short course yards in the spring and long course meters in the summer.

For fitness and triathlon swimmers, being part of a Masters Swimming program provides a coached workout for help with swimming technique, and a pool full of teammates to encourage each other to continue with the swimming regimen.  USMS also sponsors several fitness challenges throughout the year.

WELCOME TO 2018-19!

 C'mon in and join us to update your fitness level, set up some short range goals or just get in a good swim.

Join Today: Contact    Heather Moffitt     #805-286-6982

Summer League Program

NCA offers three days per week, Summer Recreational Swim Team/ Lessons! Athletes must be between the ages of 3-13. This program is offered Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. The Summer League program runs from 10:00AM to 11:30AM. Each Lesson is :30 minutes.


           June 14th to August 4th


      Duck Pond 1. 2, 3/ Little Dragons/  Deepend Dragons/ Blue Dragons 

               *10:00am - 10:30am / 10:30 - 11:00am / 11:00 - 11:30am


 Cost:  $280 Members/ $350 NON-Club Members to Paso Robles Sports Club. Your lessons averages out to $11.66/$17.50 per lesson. What a great deal! Plus, the lessons are taught by our experienced North County Aquatics Swimmers & Coaches. Call today to save your spot!


Contact Heather Moffitt @ 805-286-6982. You will pay Paso Robles Sports Club for all Summer League Swim Programs. Attached is the form to submit to secure Summer League Registration via email or drop off at the PRSC.