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Registration is *CLOSED*  at for the 2020 Crossing on August 16th.

Dear CDA Crossing Swimmers and volunteers,


I regret to inform you that the Crossing board of directors has unanimously agreed to cancel the CDA Crossing for 2020. I want to thank you for your thoughtful support of our event in the past year(s) and hope you will continue to support the CDA Crossing fundraiser in 2021.  It was a tough decision that included strong debate over the concerns for the safety of everyone involved.  COVID-19 restrictions and safety procedure requirements make an event of this nature very difficult, and we want to have the option of a future safe and enjoyable event where everyone can attend without fear.  


As you may know, our event has some unique challenges with social distancing. If you are having trouble coming to grips with this decision, please understand the following information that our Board of Directors considered before deciding to cancel the event for 2020:

  • Transportation: The parking lot at the starting line is not large enough for an event of 500 people.  We would have to run shuttle service in and out of the event center.  Cruise Boats are another challenge. Although they are a decent size and we can spread out, there is still only so much space to provide safe social distancing. (As of right now, they are not operating, and we are unsure if/when they will be allowed to).

  • State of Idaho: Although Idaho is one of the safer states concerning COVID-19. It has not been recommended to be safe for large events (250+ people). So, we may be required to cancel at a later date anyway.

  • Kootenai County: First responder availability is also an unknown at this time. The release of permits for events are currently in limbo because of COVID-19.

  • CDA Resort: The CDA Resort has been a huge proprietor of the CDA Crossing since its inception. They themselves may still have constraints in August that may prevent the race from moving forward.  Due to their lack of ability to create income during this time, we feel it is right to not put additional stress on them for our fundraiser.

  • Volunteers: To make this event possible, shuttle drivers, marker people, registration table workers, people to support loading/unloading cruise boats, timing, safety boaters, kayakers and many others (over 1,000 volunteer hours) are all needed. It takes a lot of people to make it happen. We have concerns about recruiting the large number of  volunteers we need, and also being able to keep them safe while volunteering.

  • Swimmers: We do this event for you and our organizations. We enjoy connecting and talking and sharing experiences together with you.  As always, your safety is our priority, not just in the water but out of the water as well.  We want this to be a fully positive experience, and would be devastated if one of the athletes became ill during our event.

  • Sponsors: It is a tough time financially for most businesses. Although we have wonderful support and are sure our sponsors in the past would make something happen for us, we feel it is our time to support them rather than ask for assistance financially. We care that their priority is on their employees and helping them keep operating in these unpredictable times.


I am thankful for working with a creative bunch of philanthropists on the Crossing board who have come to this decision with heavy hearts and disappointment.  Please understand there was a lot of discussion and heartbreak while making this difficult decision. We hope to return to hosting this event in 2021 or when it is safe to conduct the race while following local recommendations and requirements for the health and safety of everyone.


To those who already registered, we will be contacting you soon about your registration fees.



Jade Sobek (Event Coordinator) and the Crossing Board of Directors


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