Our Friends Around the Web

This new site by the Washington Post -- -- arrived on the scene at the start of 2009. So far, it’s shaping up as an interesting, accessible and good-looking website with a fairly keen eye on swimming in our area. We wish them well. And there’s an NWB corner on that Washington Post website too. Check it out and add your comments:

Important, of course, is the Montgomery County Swim League -- known as MCSL, the umbrella organization of summer swimming in our area. This site has everything from Division assignments and the details of other swim clubs like ours to record times and the rules and by-laws of the League. It's well worth the click and the trip. An excellent web site. provides just what its name implies -- the latest news from the swimming world. Worth the time if you're interested in exploring the big picture beyond our back yard.

The best of the best year-round swimming in our region is conducted under the auspices of Potomac Valley Swimming, an organization that administers the sport in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. This is the home of some of the greatest swimmer/athletes in the United States -- including several Olympic champions. It's a must-see/must-explore site.

This is the Big Daddy of swim organizations in the United States. USA Swimming keeps track of all the latest news on the sport in here and abroad. If you've got a question about swimming in America, they're sure to have an answer. Hey, if you're really serious about swimming, you can even make your own web site there.

As long as we can remember, the most dedicated and the best swimmers to hit the water for the NWB Dolphins have virtually all been year-round swimmers, most of them practicing at the MLK Aquatics Center branch of RMSC. Say no more. You'll go a long way to find a better place, better coaches or a better environment. Just ask today's Dolphins record holders.