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Every summer since 1964, some of the best and brightest youngsters in our community have gathered at NorthWest Branch Pool to swim for the Dolphins. The team that started as a handful of children and teenagers when Lyndon B. Johnson was President grew to more than 100 by the new millennium. In 2006, it passed 130.

The team photos featured on this pageshow the young athletes who went before us. As we delight in this archival treasure, it’s clear that these folks set high standards. Some of the magnificent records they broke still adorn our Record Board. You can view the photos below by clicking an individual picture or by running the slide show. For the show, just click on the slide show icon. We hope you enjoy it and that, for many, it brings back great memories.

The photos on this page would not have been possible without the devotion and hard work of John and Pat Young. John and Pat, who have been members of NWB since 1982, can teach us all a great deal about team spirit. Many thanks also to Mary Lou White. 

FOOTNOTE: We’d love to hear from you if you can help identify some of the Dolphin team members and coaches of these bygone years. Our current team collection now starts in 1969. We do need more.