"(My daughter) has really impressed me too. She usually really struggles with doing new things that she thinks will be too hard for her and she is also usually very sensitive about new sensory things (like fins, swim caps, etc.).  All three of you are so amazing with kids that you have managed to get her to do things and she absolutely loves it.  This is so good for building her confidence.  Her one-on-one session with Ben was great.  It made her completely get over her initial fear (of not being able to live up to his expectations, etc.).  She is very comfortable with all three of you.  I feel so lucky to have found this team!"

J.S. Mother of a New Swimmer | 1.7.2013



"I find TEMPO to be such a positive experience for my grandchildren. The coaching they receive is excellent without a doubt, but more importantly to me is the genuine interest, and knowledge the adult team has of each swimmer. They are interested in the whole person not just the swimming skills they are developing. These swimmers are acquiring a wonderful life skill, but they are also growing in confidence and self knowledge which will enable them to succeed way beyond the pool. One does not find this on many teams."

An Observing Grammie | Grandmother of Two TEMPO Swimmers | 3.1.2012



"TEMPO has done wonders for my son, not only in his swimming ability but in his self-confidence as well. We love the team spirit and family atmosphere of TEMPO. More emphasis is placed on stroke technique and improving individual times rather than "win at all costs"."

B.N | Parent of Two TEMPO Swimmers



"TEMPO Aquatics is a great swim program for my children. We have experience with other year round swim programs, and TEMPO is the first one my children have participated in where I feel they were each getting individualized attention from their coach. It seems that with other programs, you get a lot of attention if you are a super star, but if you are a child who simply works hard to improve themselves, you get lost in the pool. This is not our experience at TEMPO. Each child gets specific feedback to help them improve at every practice. In addition, each child is encouraged and praised for the effort they are putting in and improvements they are making."

"On top of the great instruction, there is a great feeling of family that is fostered by the coaching staff. All of the children know each other, help each other, and really enjoy each other's company both in and out of the pool. Teamwork is a top focus."

"If your family is looking for a swim program that encourages and supports each and every participant to strive to achieve their best, TEMPO is the program for you."

D.M | Mother of Two TEMPO Swimmers | 3.6.2012