Swim Connection – Details

  As a member of Montana Swimming (which is part of your annual USA Swimming registration fee), you are entitled to FREE membership at This is a great resource for keeping track of your swimmer(s) times. Meet results are uploaded to this website within a couple of days after each meet. For any swimmer(s) you have registered on your account, you will receive an email with each event swum; how much time they dropped/added from their best time and the "last time" they swam; the MT time standard met (i.e., B, BB, A, AA, etc.); and if the standard is a 'new' standard they have met for the first time.

It's easy to register -- simply go to

You will need your swimmer's USA Swimming ID, which is contained on their ID Card and follows the format of: 6-digit birthday, first three letters of first name, middle initial, first four letters of last name. If no middle initial, use an asterisk (*). For Example Jane J Smith born on January 1, 1995 has the ID of 010195JANJSMIT.

The website also has results for ALL Montana swimmers and you can browse Top Results either by team or the entire state to see where your swimmer ranks. Also included on the site are time standards for state, regional, sectional and zone meets. The site enables you to choose from a specific time standard to see if you have qualified for a specific meet and/or how much of a time drop is needed to qualifiy. Sign up today!!