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Update: 3/15/20

Dear PASA Families

We want to reach out and let all of our families know that the coaches are working together to help all of our sites navigate this time of uncertainty. As many of our sites do not have access to water at the moment, our coaches are working on several creative ways for our swimmers to stay in shape, have fun, and keep the PASA family strong!

Please stay tuned to our Overall PASA team website ( as our coaches will be issuing PASA Challenges and posting fun news stories from our team alumns. For the Challenges, we are asking that our swimmers video themselves completing these tasks  and to tag @paloaltostanfordaquatics in your instagram post. Please use whatever hashtag is associated with that challenge (i.e. #PASApaperpickupchallenge) and get featured on our Team Instagram!

We hope that all of our families are safe and making good choices for themselves and the greater world! We will get through this, we will be stronger for it, and #PASApride will always shine through!

Also, please look for daily emails from our coaches with videos, dryland workouts, and more things to keep us all #PASA Strong through all of this. 


Thank you, 

Your Coaches

Update: 5:30pm, 3/13/20

Dear PASA Families

We hope this email finds you well. 
We have been informed by FHCC Leadership that the FHCC pool will be closed as of 3/16 in accordance with new guidelines issued through Santa Clara County. 
At this time, the pool is scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, April 1st, but as with everything dealing with Covid-19, the situation is fluid and we will continue to update you with any changes. We will follow CDC and local government guidelines, as well as continue to act with the health of our families as our driving force. 
We will have our regularly scheduled practices on Saturday 3/14. As things are constantly in motion, we ask for patience in terms of lost workouts. The entire PASA coaching staff will meet tomorrow to come up with as many options as possible moving forward for all of our athletes. 
As always, be smart- wash your hands, monitor how you are feeling, and always make the best decision for your family. 
We will continue to update our families as information becomes available. 
Thank you all for your patience and understanding, 
The DKS Coaching Staff. 
Please see below for the email set by the Fremont Hills General Manager. 

COVID-19 Update


Dear Members,

As the situation with COVID-19 virus continues to develop, we'd like to update you on some of the actions we have taken here at FHCC.

The following FHCC Member Events have been canceled
and may be rescheduled at a future date:

  • Testarossa Winemaker Dinner 03/21
  • Men's Doubles Tennis Tournament 03/21
  • Ladies Night-In Posture & Alignment 03/25
  • Twilight Tennis & Pickleball Mixer 03/27
  • Sunday Family Dinner 03/29

Effective:  Monday, March 16th (Until further notice)
*The Fremont Hills Fitness Facilities, Swimming Pool & Locker Rooms will be CLOSED.

*All aquatics & junior tennis lesson programs suspended.  As Santa Clara County has imposed a moratorium on gatherings of 35 persons or more until April (with conditions).

The following member services will remain open:

  • Food & Members' Lounge
  • Tennis/Pickleball Court Usage
  • Equestrian Center Usage

The Club's Board of Directors & Management Team will continue to monitor the State, County Health Departments & the CDC for daily updates. The Membership will remain updated regarding Club Operations as further developments unfold.  We thank you for your continued support and are sorry for the inconvenience imposed during this challenging time. We remain committed to the safety of the FHCC Membership, Guests, and Staff.

General Manager, Scott Domnie
on the behalf of the Board of Directors
Fremont Hills Country Club

Sent 3/13/20

Dear PASA Families

As all of you are aware, the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all sectors of daily life. Though the situation is fluid, we would like to keep all of you informed of the most recent information from FHCC Leadership. Please see below regarding the most recent emails sent from the FHCC Management Team as well as a letter from the General Manager regarding this issue.

Blast sent 3/6/2020:

Dear Members,

As more cases of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus disease) are confirmed in the U.S., we want to assure you that Fremont Hills Country Club is taking action to prevent potential exposure to the virus.  We are also working to ensure that members & staff remain informed regarding this growing threat.

Here are some of the key steps that the we're taking:

  • We have implemented enhanced routine environmental cleaning procedures throughout the Club. This includes disinfecting door handles & surfaces that members regularly come in contact with.
  • Employees are being reminded of the importance of proper hand hygiene, covering the nose & mouth when coughing or sneezing, and avoiding touching the face.
  • Employees are prohibited from coming to the Club while sick with any infectious illness and we are asking the same of members as well.
  • We are requiring employees who have traveled abroad to heavily infected areas of the country to work from home for two weeks after returning, to ensure that they have not come in contact with the virus.  We are also asking members who have traveled abroad or to heavily infected areas of the country to not return to the Club for 2 weeks.

Fremont Hills Country Club is developing a protocol to be followed in the event that a member, guest, or employee is diagnosed with COVID-19.  This may include closing some or all Club operations.

While there are no known cases of COVID-19 in connection to the Club, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all businesses take precautionary measures and prepare in case there are more widespread community outbreaks.  The safety of our members, guests, and staff is our top priority while taking steps to enable members to continue to enjoy the Club.

Fremont Hills CC Management Team

Blast Sent 3/12/2020

Dear Members,

Fremont Hills Country Club has procedures addressing a variety of health & safety issues, but I thought I'd let you know that we recently updated our flu prevention & pandemic guidelines in direct response to the emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  These guidelines are based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organization.

These include common sense hygiene practices that are good to follow whether or not it is cold & flu season.  Things like frequent and through hand washing, good coughing & sneezing etiquette and avoiding contact with others when you're sick.  Our staff are being encouraged to stay home and take care of themselves before they come to work and take care of our members.  That's the best way we can help minimize the spread of the illness.

We will increase the frequency of our cleaning of hard surfaces beyond our normal routines, particularly points of common contact like doorknobs & light switches.

As for our members, I would encourage each of you to take good care of yourself by following the recommendations of your own doctors and government health authorities, and taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family during this flu season.  Like our staff, we encourage you to stay home and take care of yourself & your family if you have been experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Taking care of our members and their guests is the cornerstone of Fremont Hills' culture.  And this season, we'll need everyone's support to do that.

Thank you for your help in ensuring the health of our team at Fremont Hills Country Club.

Scott Domnie
General Manager
Fremont Hills Country Club


Please note that we will continue to update our FHCC Members and Nonmembers regarding the status of our programs further developments arrive.

Here is the link to the most recent information from the CDC.

Thank you all,


 Sent 3/12/20

Dear PASA Families,

As I am sure you are al getting many emails from many sectors of your life regarding Covid19 or the Coronavirus, we would like to let everyone know that at this hour, we are planning on running regularly scheduled practices. As with everything else, this is a very fluid situation, so assume that everything is as normal and we will communicate to the best of our abilities if anything changes.

Please click HERE for a note sent out from USA Swimming.

Please click here for HERE for an email sent on 3/6/20 click HERE for a note  sent on 3/12/ 20 from FHCC. 

As of now, we will be running a majority of our work outs from "both ends" or dividing our lanes in half again and starting sets from both the inset walls and the actual walls, further lessening the amount of swimmers that may "pile up" at the end of a lane. We will be running starts and sprints with walk around so that swimmers will be able to have more distances between themselves and others. As well as making additional changes to sets with the concept of social distancing in mind. For dryland, we will be running it in as open an area as possible to also allow for social distancing. We do have a lot of space on the grass and we will use it. 

As always, please follow your best judgement for your swimmer and for your family as all family circumstance are different. If your swimmer does not feel well, please keep them home and visit or a call a doctor should that become necessary. We have placed stools in both locker rooms to accomodate smaller handwashers, and encourage all of our families to wash their hands frequently and for longer than 20s. as well as following all other CDC and local government advice. 

Thank you all for this understanding and your patience in this time. Below is a link to a swimswam article regarding the virus and spread through treated (chlorinated- like ours) pools.

Thank you all, 

The Coaches