Private Lessons

**Starting October 1, 2019, Clippers Private Lessons will be for Clippers swimmers only. Non-Clippers swimmers interested in taking lessons with a coach should contact the Aquatics Office at 410.312.6332 and ask about our Personal Swim Training options.**


Clippers Private Lessons

The Clippers Coaching Staff offers private, one-on-one lessons for swimmers that are members of the Clippers Swim Team.  

This program provides technical instruction. Lessons are not to be used in place of practice or as endurance training. Lessons are to focus on technical aspects of the strokes, starts, and/or turns. 

Lessons are scheduled based on staff availability. The first priority of our staff is their assigned practice groups.  Assigning a swimmers lesson with a member of our staff can take a few weeks to coordinate. You will be contacted via email once your swimmer has been matched with the coach requested or with another available coach.   


Clippers swimmers must discuss the option of private lessons with their group coach and Coach Jeff must receive written confirmation from the groups coach prior to completing the Private Lesson Request Form below.

Swimmers may not schedule any more than 4 lessons in an 8 week period as they are not intended to be conducted on an on-going year round basis. If the swimmer completes 4 lessons and wishes to continue, the swimmer must discuss with their group coach and their coach must provide written confirmation to Coach Jeff.

Lessons are NOT offered August 1st through October 1st, and for the month of March for Clippers Swimmers.

Lessons are offered at the following times and location when school is in session.  During the summer months, lessons can also be scheduled at outdoor pools as available.

Supreme Sports Club

Swim Center

Mon-Fri anytime except for 5-6pm


Saturday 7-10am, 11-7pm

*no lessons from 10-11am*


Sunday 11am-5pm

*no lessons from 7-10am*

Swim Center- Main Pool:

Mon 7:30-8:30pm Main Pool
Wed/Fri 6:30-8:30pm Main Pool
Tue/Th 6:30-7:30pm Main Pool (limited to one lane)
Mon-Fri 10-2:30pm Main Pool
Mon-Fri 3:30-4:15pm Main Pool 
Saturday 10am-1pm Main Pool
Sunday 6:30-7:30pm Main Pool

Swim Center- Program Pool:

Saturday 7-8:30am Program Pool (limited to one lane)
Saturday 12:15-1:30pm Program Pool
Sunday 9:15-10am Program Pool
Sunday 12-5pm Program Pool


Cost & Payment

The cost of each 30 minute lesson is $35. The cost for four 30 minute lessons is $140.

Payment for lessons must be made at the time of the first lesson and should be for the total number of lessons in which are planned to be scheduled (1 through 4). 

Payment can be made via cash or check.  Checks are made payable to Columbia Association. Please note Private Lesson, Swimmer Name and Columbia Association ID # in the check memo line. If paying in cash, please write Private Lesson and your swimmers name on the envelope.

All payments should be made to the drop box at the Columbia Association Aquatics Office located at 9450 Gerwig Ln, Columbia, MD 21046. Payments must be made separately from your family escrow account and should not be placed in the drop box at the Swim Center. Coaches cannot be responsible for handling payment.



Complete the Private Lesson Request Form to schedule a lesson.  Please submit one entry for each Clippers swimmer that is requesting to take lessons. You will be contacted via email to coordinate the lessons with the requested coach.