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Team Montana Zones Information


2021 Montana Swimming Zones Team Roster

Montana Swimming would like to congratulate and celebrate all our athletes who qualified for the 2021 Senior Zones and 2021 Age Group Zones teams this year! A roster will be posted below listing all the qualifiers.

2021 Age Group Zones Team

2021 Senior Zones Team


Team Montana Zone Coordinator: Stephanie Boysen

    Questions? Contact Stephanie Boysen or phone 406-459-3311.


Western Zone Championship Meet Update (May 2, 2021) -- read this pdf for information about age group zones, senior zones, and senior sectionals.   PDF. It includes pictures of the new age group zones venue in Texas.

Western Zones 2021

2021 Western Zone Age Group Championships 

August 4-7, 2021

Hosted by Inland Empire Swimming and Snake River Swimming.

Location: Westside Aquatic Center Indoor 50 LCM pool at Lewisville, Texas. (The pool is owned by the the Lewisville Independent School District.)  The  pool is located approximately 10 minutes of north of the Dallas - Fort Worth Airport. 

There will be an estimated cap of 500 athletes for this meet. No spectators allowed during prelims. Limited spectators allowed during finals. There will an additional COVID surcharge for all athletes entered in the meet.

This meet is for 14 and under swimmers ONLY

2021 Western Zone Senior Championships

July 27-July 31, 2021

at the Clovis Swim Center in Fresno, CA

This meet is for swimmers 19 years and younger as of July 27, 2021.  Do not purchase non-refundable tickets or hotel rooms at until it is verified that the State of California will be open for out of state athletes to attend this meet. Hopefully California will meet it's COVID re-opening requirments by June 15.

Please check back for updated information posted here, on the individual meet pages, and on the Western Zone website.

MT Swimming Clarifies Attendance at Long Course State Rule for Zones Swimmers

Montana Swimming has clarified the rule about zones swimmers competing at Long Course State. In the past zones swimmers were required to compete at Long Course State. Through a proposal passed by the House of Delegates, this rule has been changed. 

Zones swimmers are now not required to complete at the Montana Swimming Long Course State Championships. However, Montana Swimming Zones swimmers must compete in six events (swim meets, AAA camp, attend USA Swimming convention, etc) including one (1) long course meet held in Montana that year prior to Zones as part of the criteria to qualify for the team. Any exceptions to this rule should be sent to the Zone Team Chair.

Zones gear will be handed out at Long Course State. Zones swimmers not in attendance at Long Course State must make prior arrangements to receive his/her/their gear.

Per the MT Swimming Zones Chair

2021 Zones Information

Registration Information:

 Montana Swimming will utilize online registration and payment of the Athlete(s) registration fee for Senior Zones and Age Group Zones. The credit card is the preferred payment method.

Parents, click on the link below for the for either the Senior Zones meet or the link for Age Group Zones meet  to register your athlete and pay the registration fee. (Information about the registration fees are also shown on this page.)

The registration form, medical release form and code of conduct form are all incorporated in the registration process. Other Zones information will be posted on this page. 

Senior Zones Registration  - not yet updated for 2021

Age Group Zones Registration - not yet updated for 2021


Registration fee for 2021 Age Group Zones is not yet determined per swimmer

In 2021 the fee will help cover a portion of the costs and Montana Swimming covered the remaining cost for the following: 

  • 2 caps
  • 2 Montana Team Zones t-shirts
  • 1 Swim Backpack
  • 1 Montana Team Zones hat
  • 2 Team Dinners
  • All lunches to be served to swimmers at meet
  • All entry fees for both individual events and relays

**Age Group Zones hard cut qualifiers guaranteed 6 individual events with only 1 qualification time**.

Age Group Zones Hotel: There will be no team hotel this year so accommodations must be arranged by each family.  The Coaches are staying at the _________ and that is where the team dinner will take place.


Registration fee for Senior Zones is not yet determined per swimmer plus airfare

The fee may cover for 2021 all hotel room costs, meals, transportation, entry fees, and team gear listed above. (The 2021 fees and what will be provided have not yet been determined.)

Swimmers will share a hotel room – up to 4 swimmers per hotel room.

Senior Zones Hotel:


Registration Fee Payments and Other Fee Payments:

This year registration fees will be paid online using the above registration link.

However, extra gear will be paid by check as usual. Extra gear is good to have on hand at the meet to swap with swimmers from other states.

Please make checks payable to Montana Swimming and mail to:

Steph Boysen, PO Box 5208, Helena, MT 59604-5208


2021 Team Gear: The deadline to order team gear  is ______. Orders placed after the deadline may not be embroidered and all gear may not be received prior to the meet. Team gear order form here.

Officials Reimbursement: The  Western Zone is the only Zone that will reimburse officials for working 80% of either (or both) of zone meets. Last year the Western Zone took two excellent programs, for each meet, and consolidated them into a single usable workable program - Officials Reimbursement Program for each Meet. Money is generated from each meet and distributed to any Western Zone certified official  based on the criteria of working 80% of the meet and participating in the mentoring program.


Senior Zones

Age Group Zones

   2020 Senior Team Coaches:

  Head Coach: Caty Flikkema  (UN)

  Asst. Coach: 

    2020 Age Group Coaches:

   Head Coach: Kyle Kallin  (HLST)

   Asst. Coach: Jessica Marshall (BAC)


  • 2021 SR Zones Team Gear Order Form   Deadline:
  • 2021 MT  Sr. Zones Code of Conduct  PDF
  • MT Sr Zones Lodging Agreement - MAAPP - Word
  • 2021 Senior Zone Meet Contract  
  • 2021 SR Zone Time Standards
  • 2021 Meet Event File  
  • 2021 Full Psych Sheet   
  • Clovis Meet website
  • Warm-up Schedule/Info    
  • Group A Clubs  
  • Group B Clubs   
  • 2021 SR Zones Application to Officiate  / Evaluation    ‚Äč
  • Finals Heat Sheets   
  • 2021 Admin/General meeting notes  
  • 2021 Group A pre-scratch timeline 
  • 2021 Group B pre-scratch timeline 
  • Coach & Chaperone Flight Schedules  
  • Chaperones: 

  • Complete Results  
  • Meet Results  
  • Time Trial Results 
  • Time Trial Results 
  • 2021 AG Zones Team Gear Order Form -   Deadline:
  • 2021 MT Swim Code of Conduct  
  • 2020 AG Zones Meet Contract  
  • 2021 AG Zones Time Standards   
  • Time Standards File   
  • 2021 AG Zones Event File  
  • 2021 AG Zones Order of Events   
  • 2021 Psych Sheet  
  • Inland Empire Swimming Zone website
  • Snake River Swimming Zone website
  • Meet Director: Jody Rash
  • Pre-Meet Practice Schedule    Monday   Tuesday
  • Warm Up Schedule    
  • Site Map  
  • BBQ Kickoff Dinner and Pre-Meet Social  registration form  
  • WZ Business Meeting/Dinner Reservation Form 
  • 2021 Team Count  
  • 2021 WZ AGC Application to Officiate / Evaluation    
  • 2021 Timeline 
  • 2021 Skit Schedule   
  • Complete Results 
  • Meet Results file  

Montana Zone Coach Information:

Montana Zone Coach Job Descriptions (Head and assistant coaches for senior and age group zones)   WORD   PDF

Montana Zone Coach Application:   WORD   PDF

Officials: If you are interested in officiating at the Zones meets, fill out the appropriate form(s) and return them per the instructions.

WZ Meet Officials Reimbursement Program  PDF

Application to officiate at 2021 Senior Zones    (application included in the meet information)

Request for Evaluation at 2021 Senior Zones    

Application to officiate at 2021 Age Group Zones   (application included in the meet information)

Request for Evaluation at 2021 Age Group Zones    


2022 Western Zone Meets

2022 Western Zone Age Group Championships will be at TBD.

2022 Western Zone Senior Championships will be in Clovis, CA.