Winter Swim

2018-2019 Stinger Winter Swim Program

 When:          Projected to be most Sundays 7:00-8:00 PM in 2019-2020 It will begin on September 8, 2019 and run through May 18, 2019. This is still to be confirmed once FFX County Sends out the contract.


Where:         Audrey Moore Recreation Center:  5 lanes, 40-50 Max swimmers

Cost:            $225/swimmer; non-refundable.  Checks payable to BCSC. 

  • This program is for Stingers swimmers.  The lanes will be staffed by Stingers coaches who will be in and out of the water instructing swimmers.    
  • This is not a “learn to swim” program but rather a good way to reinforce and build on the skills learned this summer. Since the water will be 4 ft. up to 12 ft. deep, this is a program suited for swimmers who can swim, unassisted, at least 25 yards of freestyle or backstroke continuously for an hour.
  • Parents of minis and 8&U, please confer with Coach Dave regarding your swimmer's abilities to meet the safety guidelines for Winter Swim. If your swimmer can only swim one 25 before they need to rest or rely's on lane lines to rest during a 25 this is probably not the best fit for them. 
  • This program is also not designed to be an “extra day” for year round swimmers. Year-round swimmers in other programs will not be accepted into Stingers Winter Swim Program.

RETURNING SWIMMERS. Returning families will have priority for registration, including siblings that might be joining new this winter.  

RETURNING Swimmer Registration steps:

1. Email by Friday, August 9, to reserve your space. (PLEASE NOTE IF YOU EMAILED PRIOR TO THIS UPDATE, we have received the email, do not send a second email) Please include

  • Swimmer Name, age
  • Current mailing address
  • Best number to reach you.

2. Mail or a deliver a check, payable to BCSC, addressed to Stingers Winter Swim, (to Mike Millspaugh) by Monday, August 19, 2019. Do not mail the check until you receive a confirmation email. Please include swimmer(s) names on your check. If your check is not received or you have not made other arrangements with Mike Millspaugh by Monday, August 19, you will be placed in the general pool for available slots.

SWIMMERS WISHING TO REGISTER FOR THE FIRST TIME: If demand is greater than number of spaces available, we will use a lottery system based on an email timestamp. Email registration will begin at 8:00 AM, Tuesday, August 20th. Email sent prior to 8:00 AM, August 20th will move to the bottom of the list.

New Swimmer Registration Steps:

1. Please send an email to and include

  • Swimmer Name, age
  • Current mailing address
  • Best number to reach you.

Swimmers 8 and Under, will be accepted pending Coach Dave’s recommendation. The swim coordinator will consult with Coach Dave and notify you if your swimmer is not ready.

Participants will receive confirmation of your registration by email after which forms and payment will be expected by August 31, 2019.


A waitlist is maintained for all interested swimmers that do not get a spot during registration. Last year we were able to work down the entire wait list. We did have 5 lanes last year so we will see what the interest is and if we can obtain another lane we will look into the possibility. We will fill spaces throughout the year as spaces open.

VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS: As a condition of using the Fairfax County pool, we are required to have adult monitors for our swimmers during all practices.  You will be asked to do a minimum of two shifts during the course of the year – one for the boys’ locker room and one for the girls’ locker room.  Anyone who does not complete these shifts will not be eligible for winter swim the next season. There is no option to opt-out. Signups will be on Team Unify.

If there are questions please contact Mike Millspaugh.