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Bay Club Rules

Bay Club Rules & Swim Meet Instructions


Parking and Pool Entrance For swim team competitions

All participants and spectators should park in the rear area behind the Hilton Hotel adjacent to the outdoor tennis courts. Do not park in the front of the Club. Please follow the signs directing you to the swim meet parking area. Pool area access will be through the rear gated lot to the south of the tennis courts. You will be asked to sign-in at the gate.

SWIMMER Check-In Opens at 7:30am

All members and non-members must sign-in and sign a waiver before entering the club. A sign-in table will be manned between 7am and 1pm. There is no access to the pool area prior to 7am.The rear gate will be closed and locked at 1pm. Later exit will be through the Club front only

Bay Club Rules

These swim meet rules apply to both to Club members and non-members alike:

• All swimmers under the age of 13 must be escorted to and from the pool area by an adult. Parents must check-in their swimmers on the pool deck and then be present to pick them up at the end of the meet.

• Swimmers and spectators may use the outdoor cabana changing & restrooms. Use of the indoor locker rooms is not permitted.

• Use of the outdoor whirlpools is not permitted.

• Swimmers must bring their own towels for use during the swim meet. Club towels are not for swim team or spectator use.

Team swimmers or spectators may not use any other pools during the event. A large number of experienced swimmers in other pools occupied by non experienced swimmers can potentially create a dangerous situation as life guard visibility can be reduced. If your swimmers need to cool down then they have the opportunity to take a dip in the lap pool during the half time break.

• Do not put stakes for canopies or umbrellas into the artificial turf.

• Out door racquetball courts are not allowed to be used.