Swim Groups

Current Swimming infuses technical development along with comprehensive training and education for swimmers 8 years of age and older who are interested in bringing their competitive swimming abilities to another level.

All interested swimmers are encouraged to come and try a practice so to see what we are all about. Please give us a call at 210-259-1117 to schedule a trial practice, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information. Please see below for groups descriptions and monthly training fees.


Developmental Team

For new swimmers interested in learning all four strokes as well as the language and techniques used in the competitive swim world, Current Swimming recommends enrollment in the Novice Swim Teams at the Athletic Club of Bend or Juniper Swim and Fitness Center to develop swimmers from blowing bubbles to doing doubles!  Please go to the Athletic Club of Bend website; or   for more information on these groups.


Bronze Group

Current coaches recommend that all interested swimmers looking for admittance into the Bronze group be "I.M legal" by USA Swimming standards in three of the four strokes, and be of ages 14 and under.   The training in this group places a strong emphasis on proper technique through the use of creative drills and sets to develop balance, timing, and execution from the core out for all four strokes. Sound starts and efficient turns are emphasized as well.  The swimmers are encouraged to learn through practice in this group so to carry the developed foundation onto the next level.

Bronze Group Coach: Christy Perret

Silver Groups (Fitness/Comp.) 

From the Bronze group, swimmers move into one of two Silver groups to further develop the skills adapted in the Bronze group.  Education of how to train effectively and efficiently while holding the fundamentals in place so to allow for further strength and speed development is the main emphasis of this group. The two groups train as one, swimmers may choose four practices weekly for which they may attend.

Silver Fitness consists of high school aged swimmers 15 and older who have shown a strong interest in being competitive at the local and high school level and have achieved Oregon Swimming B and C time standards.

Silver Fitness Group Coaches: Kermit Yensen


Silver  consists of 14 and under swimmers who have developed their skills from the Bronze group and shown a strong interest in being competitive at the High School level for when they enter into it as well as State and Sectional level competition of USA Swimming. This group will further develop the foundations learned in the Bronze group and begin to develop the knowledge and capabilities of how to train productively in a goal focused manner.

Silver Group Coach: Ann Brewer/ Christy Perret/Danny Weinberg


Gold Group/National Team

From the Silver group's Senior Prep, athletes move into the Gold and National groups. The Gold and National groups are  'Current Swimming's' highest level of training. Swimmers wishing to develop their skills so to compete at the national level will be considered for admittance into this group.  Those who wish to enter this group are choosing to dedicate themselves to rigorous training and educating so to prepare specifically for events of their liking and strength.  Current coaches work closely with the swimmers in this group to aid them in making their competitive swimming career a lifestyle that allows for a balance of success not only in swimming/training/racing, but in school and with friends and family as well.  Many of the athletes in this group have an interest to further their swim career in college.   Swimmers must be 14 years of age or older to be admitted into the Gold group with minimum time standard achievement of Oregon Swimmings A standard for their given age with the intent of securing Zone, and Sectional standards in the upcoming season. Swimmers wishing to enter into the National group must have not only the minimum of a Sectional time standard, but must also agree to an attendance percentage of 98% or better for the season.

Gold Group Coach: Ann Brewer /Danny Weinberg