Swim Groups

Swim Groups



This group is for new swimmers who are at least 7 years old (may be younger based on ability and coach assessments). The new swimmer is tested the first week of practice and must be able to swim a length of the pool (25 yards) on their front and back with little to no difficulty. Recommended attendance is 2 days per week. The goal of meets is to have fun and experience a competitive swimming setting while swimming freestyle and backstroke. Yards swam typically 25s and 50s. 


This group is for new or returning swimmers who have passed the initial testing in the Novice group and want to further their stroke development while having a good time in the water. Swimmers will continue to learn proper stroke technique for free style and back stroke, underwater turns, streamline, and starts. They will also begin to develop proper form, turns and starts (including pull outs) for breast stroke and butterfly. Recommended attendance is 2-3 days. The goal of meets is to have fun and experience a competitive swimming setting while swimming all four strokes and striving for legal stroke development. Yards swam typically 25s, 50s, and 75s – possibly beginning some 100 yard sets. 


This group is for swimmers who want to continue to progress their stroke development, begin swimming with more endurance, and developing a more competitive stroke all while having fun. These swimmers have the endurance and maturity necessary to participate with respect and commitment in a 90-120 minute practice. Recommended attendance is 4 practices a week. The swimmer is also beginning to engage in dryland practices with the team or individually. USA meets are encouraged and the swimmer is able to do a legal start with legal stroke development in all four strokes. Yards swam typically include 50s, 100s, and 200s or 500s. 10x50 free on 1:15 is a typical practice set that a Junior swimmer is able to meet.


This group is for competitive and seasoned swimmers who want to continue having fun while improving their technique, stamina, and race capability. These swimmers have the maturity and endurance to focus during a 90-120 minute practice that is highly organized. These swimmers are also able to read the clock and assess their intervals, track their times, and having the ability to swim all four strokes legally. USA meets are encouraged and competition is enjoyable. Recommended attendance is 4-5 practices per week with additional dryland as a team or individually. The swimmer is able to swim about 4000 yards, using multiple strokes, during a practice with a typical practice set being 10x100 free on the 1:45.


**Age and set times are flexible and at the assessment of the coach and may change throughout the season.