Meet Schedule

General Information about meet entries : You will receive an email when a new event is posted, and again, one week before the deadline to sign-up for that meet or event.  You must use the "ATTEND" this event button and indicate your wishes BEFORE the deadline or you will not have signed up.  

All meets and activities with ABC , indicate no qualifying time or requirements exist, and all members are encouraged to attend.  You will be able to find more information about each meet under AAA Events (including start times and directions, once the information is available to post).  It is very helpful if you respond for each child even if you can’t attend (click box and indicate "not committed").   Carefully select events by the day.  You are usually limited to 3 choices each day and the coaches will choose relays for you.

Helpful terms:

SCY (short course yards) means the length of the competition pool is 25 yards.

SCM (short course meters) means the length of the competition pool is 25 meters.

LCM - (long course meters) means the length of the competition pool is 50 meters.

ABC - "A" times are the fastest, then "B" , then "C"  They indicate the times needed to swim a meet.  ABC means anyone can swim.  BC means you can not have an "A" time in that stroke to swim it in a meet labeled BC.

Split or single  Format - The younger swimmers (usually 10 or 12 and younger, swim in the morning and the teenagers swim in the afternoon.  Look for more details, when each meet is posted. Single format everyone warms-up and swims in the same session.

2019-2019 AAA Meet and Season SCHEDULE

We begin our Water Practices on Monday, 4/1/19 at Albany Community Pool.  Junior and Senior groups will begin at 4:00 pm and the Novice/Fundamental groups will begin at 5:15 pm. 


DATE         WHO        WHAT/WHERE
4/1/19     ALL  

First Day of Practice

4/12-14/19         USA Swimming Regional Coaches Clinic
4/13/19     ALL   Jelly Bean Invitational
          Dallas, OR
          ABC, SCY
5/3-5/9     ALL   Albany Aquatics Invitational
          Albany, Oregon
          LCM, ABC, Team Meet, Split Format
          Volunteer Hours Required
5/9/19     ALL   AAA Annual Meeting
          SAHS Library
          Potluck Style Meeting, 6:30 - 7:30
5/29//19     ALL   Summer League Meet
          Dallas, Oregon
          4:00 - 6:00 PM, SCY, BC Meet
5/31-6/2/19     ALL   Country Financial June Invite
          ACP Albany, Oregon
          LCM ABC, Team Meet, Split Format
          VOLUNTEERING Required
6/19/19     ALL   Summer League Meet
          Osborn Pool, Corvallis, OR
          4:00 - 6:00 PM, SCM, BC Meet
6/28-30/19     ALL   TEAM Summer Open
          Amazon Pool, Eugene, OR
          LCM, ABC, Team Meet, Split Format
7/5-7/19     ALL   Jay Rowam Memorial Open
          Redmond HS, Redmond, OR
          SCM, ABC, Campout, Lake Fun
7/13-14/19     10&U   OSI 10&U LCM Champsionships
      Q-Times   ACP, Albany, OR
      Required   LCM, Qualifying Times Need
          VOLUNTEERING Required
7/23/19     ALL   Summer League Meet
          Lincoln City, OR
          4:00 - 6:00 PM, SCM, BC Meet
7/25-28/19     11&O   OSI 11&O LCM Championships
      Q-Times   MHCC, Gresham, Oregon
      Required   LCM, Qualifying Times Need
7/30-8/3/19     14&O   Arena Senior Western Zones
      Q-Times   Clovis, CA
      Required   LCM, Qualifying Times Need
8/1-4/19     14&O   Arena Futures Championships
      Q-Times   MHCC, Gresham, OR
      Required   LCM, Qualifying Times Need
8/2-4/19     ALL   GCST Big Kahuna Open
          Mingus Pool, Coos Bay, Oregon
          SCY, ABC, Team Meet, Single Format
          Campout, Fun Games
8/6/19     ALL   Summer League Meet
          Osborn Pool, Corvallis, Oregon
          4:00 - 6:00 PM, SCM, BC Meet
8/7-11/19     Q-Time   Western Zone AG CHamps
      Needed   MHCC, Gresham, Oregon
          LCM, Qualifying Times Need