CRKW Swim Club

Registration for the CRKW Swim Club is ongoing throughout the season, for more information or to set up a group placement assessment please contact our Head Coach Richard Millns at 



                *All Practices include a 15 minute activation portion on deck prior to getting in the water

Find your individual group schedules in the link below

Updated Group Schedule



Fee Structure

Did you know that as a member of SwimBC you may be eligible for funding through Kidsport or Jumpstartwhen registering for our programs.


Group Placement and Group Moves

CRKW strives to ensure the best training and learning environment for every athlete in our program.  We look at factors including but not exclusive to: Swimmers Age, Swimmers current ability level, Swimmer's commitment to the sport and attendance, Swimmer's and Parents readiness to move to another group

The ages of our programs are roughly based around the school system with Mini-Whales equating to Elementary School, Orca to Middle School, and Provincial to High School.

Group moves will generally take place in the first two weeks of the season, after Christmas, and after Spring Break

Swimmers in grade 10-12 can opt into the High School group to stay involved with the club/sport.  This is a non-competitive group that is only insured to compete once per season

The CRKW coaches reserve the right to create groups outside of this guideline when it is in the best interest of the program as a whole

Gear List

All Swimmers
*All Swimmers must wear CRKW team gear during competitions, Swimmers should have at a minimum their blue CRKW T-Shirt and pack clothes that they can use as layers underneath their shirt
Swim Suit (One-Piece for Girls / Jammers, Square, or Brief for Boys)
CRKW Swim Cap
Water Bottle
Expectations of Swimmers and Parents
  • Attend every practice possible (We understand the busy schedule of kids and adults but training and skill acquisition can be missed with absences)
  • Keep an open line of communication with the coaching staff, inform them of when a swimmer can not attend practices or meets (Communication in the Mini-Whale White programs can be directed towards out Head Coach, and communication in the ICS program can be directed towards our Assistant Head Coach)
  • Attend competitions recommended for the swimmers training group (Please communicate with your coach if you want to request the opportunity to compete at a competition outside of your meet schedule)
  • Show up on time and ready to go! (Bathing suit on, water bottle filled)
  • As our swimmers grow through the program we will place more of the onus on the swimmer to take responsibility for aspects of their swimming that their parents once took ownership of (ie communication of absences, setting an alarm for morning practices etc)
  • Stay in touch with our club policies, fundraising, and volunteer commitments posted in the information sections of our website
  • Take care of yourself away from the pool!!! Proper Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep Schedules will help you tremendously in your life both in and out of the pool
  • Introduce yourself, if you have any questions feel free to open up a conversation when I am leaving the pool deck, but please remain in the viewing areas when practices are running.