Parent Working Group Contacts

The Parent Working Group is made up of groups or individual parent volunteers that help with behind the scenes operations.

If you have questions related to specific areas please contact the appropriate person listed below.

Administrative Positions
Position Contact
Chair Rick Guerin
Secretary Helen Ellis-Jauch
Treasurer Mindy Heyne
Booster Representatives Abby Norell
Website Administrator Rick Guerin
Registration Rick Guerin
Apparel Lisa Gearhart
Meet Operations
Position Contact
Volunteer Coordinator Connie McCafferty
Dive Team Representatives  
Officials Coordinator Rob Brooks
Meet Computer Operations Mandy Guerin
Head Timer Sophany Kien
Crow's Nest Rob Lampe
Concessions and Hospitality

Priyanka Bole

Jonah Otchy

Equipment Lead David Jauch
Social Event Coordinators
Position Contact
Activities Coordinators

Anne Lampe

Cindy Bachinsky

Kim Girz

Jan Gomez

Courtney Pianki

Sandra Towle

Pancake Breakfast Sara and Jon Young
State Meet Coordinators

Kim and Tom Girz

Lisa Gearhart


If interested in volunteering for a vacant position or for one of these positions in the future, please contact Rick Guerin